Depreciation Assignment Help

Depreciation Assignment Help

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depreciation assignment help

Depreciation is a branch of accounting which includes the distribution or allocation of the costor other basic value of a fixed asset over its estimated useful life by the period charges to expense or against the revenue.  In simple words, depreciation is known as the accounting for fixed assets. Depreciation accounting is used to allocate the cost of any tangible asset over its useful life. All types of the businesses use depreciation of long – term assets for both the tax and accounting purposes. Depreciation is a non cash charge which is also known as non cash expense. It provides a source of free cash flow. It is the gradual reduction in the value of any asset. It is often a tax – write – off as it is non cash expense. It means that any company or any individual can reduce the taxable income by the amount of the depreciation on the asset. In other terms, it is also the conversion of the cost of any tangible capital asset or the fixed asset into depreciation expense which the operational expense. It is done over an estimated useful life of the asset. Depreciation is the non cash expense which can decreases the capital asset value due to wear and tear, age or obsolescence. Gradually with the time, most of the assets lose their value. This means they depreciate. Thus they are required to get replaced once they reach to the end of their useful life.

A business has many assets which have a defined useful life. These may include machinery, buildings, equipments, furniture, fixtures, outdoor, lighting, parking lots, vehicles, computers etc. These assets won’t last indefinitely. A portion of cost of these assets is being is used up every accounting period such as yearly, quarterly or monthly.  On each year’s income statement, the cost used up is reported as depreciation expense. Depreciation is a systematic method which is used to match the cost of any fixed asset with the revenue which is obtained over the asset’s useful life. Let’s take an example. Suppose if any company buys machinery for $1 million. The company expects it to have a useful life of around 10 years. It will be depreciated over time period of 10 years. Accordingly, the company will spend $100,000. It will be matched with the amount of money which is generated by that machinery every year by assuming straight – line depreciation.

There are basically two types of asset listed here, currency and real estate. These assets can depreciate or lose their value over a time period. The Russian Rouble Crisis which took place in 1998 is very infamous for this depreciation. During this crisis, the rouble lost 25% of its value in one day. Such case was also seen during the 2008 housing crisis, where the home-owners in Las Vegas, observed 50% depreciation by around 50%.

As depreciation is a non – cash expense so it doesn't affect the cash- flow of the company. Depreciation is used for tax and accounting purposes. There are generally two types of accounting principles which are used for depreciation reporting i.e., Cost principle and matching principle. For the matching principles, there are several types of methods of depreciation. These can be grouped in two categories i.e. straight – line depreciation and accelerated depreciation.

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