Customer Service Assignment Help

Customer Service Assignment Help

A good customer service is always benefits the business. It serves as the lifeblood for the business. Companies offer customer services to the customer before after and during the purchasing of the products. A good customer service establishes a relation of faith and healthy experience between the company and the customer. This helps the company to satisfy the customer’s expectations. It ensures the customer’s satisfaction with the product or the service. Just like other key factors responsible in any company’s growth and success, customer relation is also much important.  Companies work hard to maintain their customer by gaining their trust, which is only done when the customers are satisfied with the product and services offered to them. It can be an in – personal interaction, a phone call, self – service systems, email, live chat, contact us forums, feedback policies etc. Though at present time there are many other ways of performing customer service.

It happens sometimes companies start to lose their customers, whatever the reason is. May be the company fails to understand the customers, may be customers are not satisfied with the company or the product or the service. And once the company starts to lose the customers, it starts to lose its goodwill. Once the customers move from one company their will go to some other company, which will create challenge and market risk. So it is important for a company to maintain its customer by servicing them in an effective manner. An effective customer service includes creating strong bond with the customer for a long-term relationship. This long term relationship will be beneficial for both the company as well as the customer. Customers will get satisfactory services while business will get satisfied customers, a vice versa process.

Characteristics of a Good Customer Service

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A good customer service strategy will enhance the customer’s trust towards the company. It will ensure him that company thinks about him and is concerned about him.

  1. Promptness: The product delivery must be on time. The response must be quick. Time delays should be avoided.
  2. Personalization: Being personal with the customers is also a good strategy. The customer service executive should know the names of the customer. So that the customer must feel secure that with whom they are doing business, know them personally.
  3. Be Faithful: Companies need to be faithful towards their customers. They shouldn’t make any promises if they can’t fulfill them.
  4. Answer the Call: Whenever customer calls the company, they should be heard and responded accordingly.
  5. Listen to Customers: Whenever customer wants to say something, or if he is not satisfied with the services and wants to tell, the customer care executive needs to listen him carefully.
  6. Deal with the Complaints: Complains are natural, depending on the customer’s experience with any product or service. Whenever a customer makes any complain, his complain should be registered and should be dealt logically and professionally with an instant solution.
  7. Give something extra: Many companies have their regular customers, especially small businesses. The companies should offer them discounts, or some special offer on occasions. How about offering a family meal voucher on Christmas Eve to the customer on certain amount of shopping.
  8. Helpfulness: The companies should be helpful towards their customers. Suppose if you own a retail store, and an old customer comes to you and asks you about some product, don’t just direct him towards the place. Take him or her there. Or you yourself can go and bring the item. Moreover, you can leave him to the taxi.
  9. Patience: The customer support executive should be calm and patient.
  10. Attentive: Whenever a customer encounters a problem, the executive should attentively respond. He must pay attention towards the customers.
  11. Effective Communication: The service employees must possess good and effective communication skills. They must not talk aggressively. They should use positive language. The communication should be persuasive.
  12. Knowledge: The service employees must have the complete product/service knowledge. They should also have the knowledge of the customers. They should be able to read them. As Apple says, “We will truly understand their needs better than any other company”. HDFC says , “We understand your world.”

Types of Customer Service

There are many ways of serving the customer for his satisfaction. The customer needs information or support from the company, for which company should be ready all the time.  A customer service can be given

-          In person

-          On phone

-          By email

-          Through Live Chat

-          Contact us Forum

Social media is increasing now a day due to changing marketing environment. Digital marketing is the soul of social marketing. Social media marketing has been accepted as an effective tool of serving customer. Social media marketing can be done by:

Social Networking: Social networking sites are a good platform performing service activities. Many social networking sites are famous today. These social networking websites provide good platform to interact and communicate with the customers. Several other bookmarking sites, social news (Digg, Reddit), media sharing (YouTube and Flickr), micro blogging( Twitter)  sites, Blog comments and forums etc. are also good for the service.

-          Facebook

-          LinkedIn

-          Google+

Self – Service: This service involve the direct involvement of the company’s customer service executive. Companies have various self help technologies employed to provide a good customer service. It also includes

-          FAQ

-          How – to – Articles

-          Videos or Screen - casts

-           Knowledge Base

-          Q & A

-          Customer Forums

-          User Communities

Customer Service Software:  This type of software enabled service model manages the company’s interactions with their customers in present as well as in the future. As the technologies have been advanced, many companies have moved to cloud computingbased marketplace.

Call Centers: Many companies have established their call centers to help their customers. Companies hire suitable staff through employee selection processto provide the best customer service. Company call centers are the connecting link between the company and the customers. Companies either have their own establishment for call centers of they hire a third party based BPO.

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Technical Customer Service: Companies have their services support centers, specially the manufacturing companies, like electronics and automobiles. If a customer is facing some trouble with the product, he sends the product to the technical service centers where technicians repair it.

Front Desk Customer Service: Many businesses such as hotels, hospitals others have the front desk service centers. There receptionist at the front desk greets and serves the customers. Many companies also have ‘How May I Help You’ Cabins.

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Customer Service Stations: Most of the departmental stores and retail stores have a customer service department where customers can go and get their issues resolved. There are many computer enabled machines which serve the computers. Many departmental stores have big TV screens to provide instructions.

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Customer Service Assignment Help | HRM Assignment Help 

Above mentioned are some common practices which are performed to offer a better customer service so that the customer may stay satisfied, may feel safe and secure. A good customer service is also proves good future of a company. Apple is a good example of such customer services. Customer service is becoming very important now days in running a business successfully. Many Australian universities have started the program either in major or minor subjects. That's why has launched its customer service assignment help for the students. The customer service assignment help is written and prepared by the best and experienced tutors who have been working for long to provide best quality online assignment help. To get the customer service assignment help, contact us today.