Customer Relationship Development Assignment

Customer Relationship Development Assignment

Analysis of the gender

  • Category with gender The graph provides us some interesting data regarding to the gender of Sea Consultant customers. The percentage of female customers is slightly larger than male customers. However, male customers are the majority part of user of the visa service as main service that Sea Consultant provides. Visa service as the main service in Sea Consultant has been contributing the significant income to the company. The company is providing visa services, citizen service and benefit service in NZ immigration marketing. And visa service is the basic project in ‘Sea Consultant’.
  • Communication means of gender As the graph shows, we can find that male prefer to communicate with their immigration advisers by phone and interview. On the other hand Female prefer use email or online and interview. Both female and male would like to contact with Sea Consultant in person, which means how to give the suggestion in face is very important for customer relationship development Assignment.
  • Satisfaction rate of genderThe graph, presented in a pie chart, shows the general situation of satisfaction with the service by ‘Sea Consultant’. Generally speaking, male is more satisfied than female. According to the two former graphs, the category of gender and communication means of gender, we can know that the customers who used the service of residence visa and choose online and interview communication mean have positive attitude for the service of Sea Consultant. Or we can find that Sea Consultant should improve the quality of service in student visa service, work visa service and visit visa service. And the company should make the phone communication more efficiency.

Analysis of the services

  • As can be seen in the graph, the most customers chose more than one service in Sea Consultant. The customers who were provided more than one service all had used the residence visa service. Therefore we can find residence visa service can lead customer’s use more consume and bring more profit for the company.
  • Most student visa, visit visa and work visa need less than one month to help applicant to get approve their application and more than 60% residence visa cost more than six months to process, which is in the range of the official statistics from immigration New Zealand. The small rest part which used the more time than the range of official statistics case the down grade of satisfaction rate. Therefore the processing time of application is one of the most important indicators of customer relationship management.
  • The correlation between the category of service and satisfaction rate can be another index of sea consultant customer’s relationship management. The most work visa customers answered that they would choose the company’s service again and more satisfied with the service of Sea Consultant. In fact, the group of customers used and will use more service of this company.

Analysis of the age

  • The customers’ age of 30 to 40 is main customers group of Sea Consultant. About 10% customer is younger than 25. However, in immigration New Zealand statistics, the student visa is the most applications in all categories. The task of Sea Consultant in marketing should be developing the part of customer who is younger 25 and would like apply for student visa. How to manage the relationship with young customer becomes a challenge of Sea Consultant.
  • The customers who are older than 30 usually use work visa service and residence visa service. And the customers who are older than 40 years may choose the residence visa and benefit service. Especially old people who used residence visa service in family parent’s category often need help in benefit service and citizen service.
  • The customers who are younger than 25 are not satisfied with the price. In the other words, the student visa service price is slight higher for the young customers. And the customers who are old than 40 years old are not satisfied with service. We can find older than 40years customers use benefit service and citizenship service. They are old people, they prefer interview communication mean. For Sea Consultant, the quality of interview of old people can be improved.

Analysis of the nationality

  • This graph shows the proportion of customers’ nationalities. Chinese region is the main market of Sea Consultant since the most staffs come from china and the owner of company, Ms Fan, also comes from China. Nearly 75% customers come from Chinese. However Chinese customers are the lowest satisfaction rate group among these countries.
  • In recently year especial in last five years, Sea Consultant developed India marketing. Up to this year, nearly 15% Indian customers used Sea Consultant service and it gain some popularity in India people. Most Indian people got the help with benefit from Sea Consultant. But these customers seem that they are not happy with the price of service.
  • Also, Sea Consultant has been developing the market in Japan, South Korea and other countries. The customers from these countries got work visa service and residence visa service form Sea Consultant and the people in these countries are not happy with the service from Sea Consultant.

The core competence of ‘Sea Consultant’

A core competence describes a function of the value chain which a company does better than other internal processes, while a distinctive competency is a unique competency which provides the basis for the given organisation performing in a superior manner to its competitors (Thompson & Strickland 2003).

To identify what are ‘Sea Consultant‘s competencies and sustainable competitive advantages, Sea Consultant’s abilities are based on the four criteria including valuable, rare difficult to immigration service and relevant service.

Crm analysis of sea consultant

CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management, which involves all of the corporate functions (marketing, manufacturing, customer services, field sales, and field service) required to contact customers directly or indirectly. The term “touch points” is used in CRM to refer to the many ways in which customers and firms interact.

Concept Business Contracts strategy that goes beyond increasing transaction volume. Its objectives are to increase profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction. To achieve CRM, a company widely set of tools, technologies, and procedures promote the relationship with the customer to increase sales. [Sweeney Group, 2000].

CRM consists of three components:
  • customer,
  • relationship, and
  • management .

CRM tries to achieve a ‘single integrated view of customers’ and a ‘customer centric approach’ [Roberts-Witt, 2000].

Essentially, CRM aims to put the customers of Sea Consultant & Investment Ltd at the center of the information flow of the company. In Sea Consultant & Investment Ltd, it is not unusual to have to following scenario: sales, marketing, finance and service.

In other word, Sea Consultant & Investment Ltd is very rich in information about customers. There is much information about them. But the information is not shared. It’s only available to specific application. For example, someone who applied a student visa years ago, there is no any further strategy to share her or his information to further application. She or He may apply work visa after finish study or resident visa if he or she enjoys the live in New Zealand. Even more, there are many people related on this student visa application may need help with their visas.

If a sale person in Sea Consultant & Investment Ltd wants to know about what issues are outstanding with customer service for a particular customer, then they have to make contact with the holders of that information and wait for a response. If the salesperson is chasing the information in response to a question from the customer, then the customer also has to wait. So, although Sea Consultant is information rich, the information is compartmentalized. It is not corporate knowledge and the ability to access information and to deliver it rapidly to customers is low - High quality customer service is compromised.

For efficiently working with this information, the information flow and the ability to access information should make the move towards being a customer centered Competitive Organizations by putting the customer at the center of all the information that relates to them and allowing authorized people within the organization to access the information.

In a customer centred organisation, salespeople would have access to all the information that affects their relationship with their customer. The conversations, the emails, the complaints, the complaint resolutions, all the information that had been sent to the customer, who else in the company the customer had spoken to everything that affects their ability to service the customer and sell more product or services to them.

customer relationship development assignment

What are the goals of Sea Consultant’s CRM
  • Increase revenue growth through customer satisfaction. By the survey of questionnaire, we have found the some shortage of Sea Consultant immigration service. We should optimize in price service and advice service of the company.
  • Reduce costs of sales and distribution Sea Consultant used much money on advertisement in newspaper China union, radio, TV and Sky kiwi. Due to Sea Consultant as a brand of immigration service provider has been well known in New Zealand, Sea Consultant should reduce cost of advertisement.
  • Minimize customer support costs use the technology means to minimize customer support costs. Sea Consultant should set up CRM system to manage the relationship and information of customers.


In conclusion it can be stated with some confidence that CRM is one of the most vital parts of a organization’s customer acquiring and customer maintenance strategy. Without proper management of relationship with customers and assessing their needs it becomes very difficult for the organization to provide them a customized solution which is best for their needs and requirements. In this assignment it is indicated that visa services are the primary services which is offered by the sea consultants and it is their core competency. In visa services they are aware that demand is growing exponentially and regulations are getting tougher by the day. It is very important for visa service provider to provide services in a very accurate manner because these services are very sensitive for a person and they might end in big problems if their visas and other immigration documents are not proper. All though immigration service industry is growing at a very fast rate but at the same time there is a higher competition because many domestic as well as international players are entering in the market. Their entry in market is making the entire industry more professional and disciplined in the way they deliver the services. There are various issues identified with the services in different markets like in Indian market price of the services are an issue while on the other hand in markets like  Japan and south Korea people are not happy with the quality and promptness of the services. It is also observed in the service analysis that different gender, age group and social strata customers have a different approach towards such services and sales executive of such services should communicate with them in a manner which is comfortable for them to respond or they can easily maintain their privacy while answering various questions (Lior, 2005). In many conservative countries females are vary of a stranger calling them and asking many questions. To avoid such misunderstandings it is best to use subtle means of communication like emails to get response from customers. A majority of chunk of customers for sea consultants are females and their needs should be considered. It is also observed in analysis of the nationalities that for each country’s customer deciding factor which determine the service provider selection are different. Presently Sea side consultant are using one size fits all strategy and there is no major different in the type of service and its delivery model. For each market services should be modified and customized. This customization should be based on the data analysis of the data which is collected after a thorough CRM data base creation. There are some recommendations provided in the end of this assignment which if followed by the organization and executed and implemented in a proper manner would enable the sea side consultant to gain a sustainable competitive advantage and remain profitable for a long period in multiple markets of Asia and Australia (DeGregor, 2011).


  1. first recommendation for Sea consultants and investment services is to focus on their core competency. As it is observed in the analysis that core competency of the company is immigration services and visa consultancy for all most all parts of the world. Along with visa and immigration services organization is also attempting to provide investment consultation, peripheral services to the clients. When a market for core competency is growing by itself at a fast rate it is not recommended that organization should leave its core competencies and enter in any peripheral activities. That strategy should be adopted when market is stagnating and organization is exploring alternate ways to maintain its profitability. Here need is to gather up all assets of the organization and use them to fuel their core competencies. There are many ways through which they can reduce their peripheral work load like outsourcing peripheral services to an outside organization, reducing the number of peripheral offerings to the clients or developing a JV with a company which is expert in providing peripheral services. Enhanced focus on core competency of organization would increase the quality of services, there on time delivery and lastly it will improve the time period of waiting under which services are provided to the client. For internal customers of the organization or “employees” also this strategic relationship is more beneficial because they would be focused on only one business activity and they are more confident, informed and aware of the intricacies of their area of expertise. A focused employee would be productive and satisfy more number of clients through their services which is the final aim and objective of entire organization (Zaltman, 2003).
  2. Second recommendation for the organization is to have a multinational approach with the business rather than a ethnocentric approach. Visa and immigration services are highly personalized services and they include a lot of cultural factors associated with it. For example people emigrating from countries like Japan and South Korea are mostly for highly technical jobs and they are culturally very much rooted to their home country. Majority of Japanese people suffer from the problem that their knowledge of English is very limited. In such situation they would need visa consultancy services that can understand their problem without telling and take care of their needs. To develop such approach it is important that organization have proper information and CRM based customer data. All though organization has offices in multiple countries but they lack autonomy and they are governed by the head office and their culture of working is similar to what it is in New Zealand. This type of approach disappoints the client belonging to different countries and encourages them to take help of domestic player who better understand their needs and provide tailor made services (Fitzroy and Hulbert, 2005).
  3. Cost reduction is very important for organization to remain competitive in this market. Cost reduction can be done by various means but it should be ensured during the cost reduction plan that, it should not impact the quality of the services in a negative manner. If qualities of the services are compromised then organization would be making the biggest mistake of their corporate career and competitors would take over them at this juncture of market expansion. First method to reduce cost of the organization by reducing its peripheral services or outsourcing them, second would be Charging clients for extra services they are availing along with visa and immigration services and lastly multiple number of offices can be downsized or number of employees can be shifted from one office to another according to the demand and number of customers handled by that office. Cost of advertisement is also a important factor which can reduce the expenses of the organization. In present world internet based advertising is a prominent medium and for target market like immigrating population internet is one of the most suitable medium to advertise. Majority of such people are internet savvy and they conduct a lot of research on internet to knwo more about the country they are visiting. Organization should focus on internet and web based advertising which is highly cost effective in nature. Cost of advertising on internet is considered to be almost half of what it cost to reach similar number of people through other means of advertising. Newspaper and TV based advertisement should be reduced by sea consultants immediately (Homburg, et al.2009).
  4. To increase revenue and growth of organization focus should be on rapidly growing market of immigrations services. According to analysis China and India has the maximum potential foe sea consultant services. In a vast country like China and India number of offices can be increased so that customers of the company do not need to travel long distance to visit them. It is also to be noted here that both countries are culturally very diverse and they have multiple languages spoken inside them. To cater to such needs local employees can be hired who are expert in different languages and they understand the needs and cultural factors in a better manner. Joint venture is also an option in both countries with a local tour and travel company because this will help the sea consultant to get a already developed and oriented customer base and a good distribution and service network to deliver the service. Distribution and service deliver network would be of local partner and services would be offered by sea consultant. In this strategy even with profit sharing with local partners organization can earn higher profits and represents a strong position in the market. Bureaucracy and red tape is also a problem in Asian markets which can be dealt expertly by the local partner thus reducing a lot of unexpected expenses of the company and increasing their annual revenue from business (Zaltman, 2003).


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