Critical Evaluation of Swine Flu in Australia

Critical Evaluation of Swine Flu in Australia

Swine flu pandemic

Critical Evaluation of Swine Flue in Australia is a case study. Swine flu or swine influenza is a viral infection which is caused by an influenza virus which is endemic in pigs or essentially it is an influenza which is caused by swine origin influenza virus. It is also known as pig flu or hog flu. This virus is commonly present in pig population all over the world and they are not easily transferred in a human being. Higher probability of swine flu infection is seen in people who work in pig farms, fields, slaughter houses and other work where they might be in close association with a pig for a long period of time. Earlier it was believed that even if a person is suffering from swine flu, its transmission from one individual to another is a rarity. Signs and symptoms of this infection are similar to those of a regular influenza like chills, fever, sore throat, muscles pain, eye watering etc. a recent pandemic break of Swine influenza was observed in year 2009. This pandemic was the second pandemic of flu globally, first pandemic was observed in year 1918.


2009 pandemic of swine flu was first observed in month of April when suddenly humans, birds and pigs started getting infected and falling sick simultaneously. This triple assortment of disease further combined the Eurasian pigs as well in the assortment and collectively provided a disease pandemic which was popularly known as swine flu. This pandemic was caused by a new strain of H1N1 virus which was previously unknown and it had some unusual characteristics like there was no disproportionate infection rate among adults with age range 60 years and above, while in normal strains it was observed. This outbreak was first coined and recognized in Mexico where residents were reporting this disease for a couple of months before officials recognizing it. Within a small period of time this infection spread all over the world and by month of June WHO and CDC, USA collectively declared the condition as a pandemic disease and breached their counting activity of patient suffering from disease. One interesting fact about Swine flu is the fact that all though it is called as a swine flu but there is no risk associated with eating pork or pork based products, which many rumors indicated as primary reason for this pandemic. Entire pandemic lasted for a period of more than a year and it covered many countries round the world including Australia.  In month of June 2010 officials of the WHO declared the end of pandemic when number of cases declined steeply and situation as fully in control.


A census survey of disease on October 21st 2009 provided the statistics that there are 36991 confirmed cases of H1N1 09 influenza in Australia and there were approximately 186 confirmed fatalities in Australia up to that time.  Department of health and ageing was the regulatory body controlling and containing the spread of infection and they employed many strategies to control the disease. Off the reported 36991 cases and 186 confirmed deaths in Australia maximum number of cases was observed in state of Queensland. State of Queensland itself had 41 deaths confirmed till that time and a reported 11000 plus cases. On the other hand New South Wales had maximum number of deaths from the disease (i.e. 51 people died in NSW because of Swine flu). There were 15-20 Australians living in different international destinations like China, Taiwan, UK and South Korea who were reported to be infected and they were kept in quarantine. Australia had to maintain a sufficient stock of tamiflu and other anti viral drugs to ensure that its citizens remain safe and drugs are available to them. Approximately 8.7 million dosage of tamiflu was stocked by department of health and ageing all over Australia. Prevalence of disease was also observed in remote locations of Australia and native population primarily residing in Torres Strait islands, Western Australia, Tasmania etc. there were reportedly 24 deaths in Victoria State as well.

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