Organisational Behaviour Course Assignment Help

Organisational Behaviour Course Assignment Help


Today the world is nothing but business oriented, in such a business oriented world it is extremely important for every individual to accommodate according to the business environment. This course on Organisational Behaviour focuses on this particular aspect. This course prepares an individual to work more effectively within the organisational structure, by imparting the theory of self management and management of people. To ensure maximum productivity from an individual, this course primarily lays emphasis on the way people interact within an organisation. It would not be wrong to say that this course is about people’s management. Management of self and of the people poses one of the most serious challenges in an organisation’s framework.

To ensure that the maximum potential of employees is utilised, and their efficiency and productivity is at par with the maximum possible output, it is extremely important for managers to focus on organisational behaviour of their own, and their employees. The necessity of this course is ever more increasing pertaining to the cut-throat competition which is ever more increasing with each day. To ensure that the objectives of an organisation are satisfactorily met management of people who make up an organisation it critical to the accomplishments of the objectives. The course will expose a student to the theoretical idea about how people behave in an organisation so that he or she can best manage themselves and their subordinates. After gaining proper knowledge from the course, a student is expected to be well versed with the following topics : explain and apply base theory that managers and other professionals use to increase individual employee output and happiness; portray and apply groundwork theory that managers use to improve team and group productivity and satisfaction; illustrate and concern foundation premise that professionals use to enhance the employee’s performance and contentment in the structure or organisation wide level; illustrate and use fundamental self-awareness and self-reflection ideology connected with career/life planning.

The course is spread through various topics which cover the entire horizon of organisational behaviour in an appropriate and a justified manner. The curriculum is specifically designed to acquaint a student with the underplaying theories and guidelines of organisation behaviour which help the students in the long run. Some of the topics which are covered through this course are: Managing the self - part 1,2,3; The context of management - systems and ‘what managers do’; Managing individuals - attitudes and job satisfaction; Managing individuals – emotions and moods; Managing individuals – motivation; Managing groups and teams – introduction; Managing groups and teams – introduction; Managing groups and teams - conflict, power and politics. In addition to thoroughly studying these topics, a student must also submit an assignment on the topic chosen by the student after consulting the faculty. Subsequently the student must go through a written examination to successfully complete the course.

Many good universities across the globe provide this course on organisational behaviour, such as the University of Southern Queensland, which offers this course by the same name and the course code for USQ is ’MGT1000’.