Enterprise Planning and Implementation Course Assignment Help

Enterprise Planning and Implementation Course Assignment Help

Enterprise Planning and Implementation

The 21 century has brought upon the world, the technological explosion which is unprecedented to the extent of the technological overcast we witness in every aspect of human civilisation. Business being a part, is not untouched by the whip of technology. Sweeping almost every domain, industry, spectrum of business activity, information technology has a role in the world’s market today which nobody can overlook. This is the reason why many universities felt the need for implementing a course on Enterprise planning and implementation which techs a student the fundamental structure of the use of Information and Communication Technology in a business perspective.

Organisations need information and communication technology (ICT) to manage their business. A significant concern in handling these ICTs is the business processes, the development involved in managing these business processes and their successful implementation of different business systems as an integral component so that continuity of the business can be ensured both to the internal as well as external stakeholders. The course will also cover a wide range of topics in three fundamental blocks connected to enterprise planning and implementation namely – planning aspects; business systems; and implementation aspects. In order to enforce the theoretical concepts, health information systems are used as case studies so that the implementation of the business processes, systems and implementation can be properly understood by the students, leading to hands-on experience. This course in Enterprise Planning and Implementation introduces the building blocks of business systems within an information and communication technology (ICT) domain and provides skills in determining their implementation value to enterprises. This is done with the use of various approaches for researching, synthesising and analysing them with farfetched sauces ranging from learned to professional journals. These skills are further implemented onto health information systems to strengthen the theoretical concepts learned in this course.

Towards the completion of this course a student gains enough knowledge to shed light on and are able to; display an in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts of business systems and associated information and communication technology (ICT) issues; utilise health informatics as a case study to display understanding in a given context; showcase an ability to analyse, comprehend and apply ICT issues that are relevant to enterprises; demonstrate an overall ability to communicate and present effectively, at the appropriate level, by whatever discourse, the knowledge obtained from this course.

The curriculum of the course is spreads through different chapters which entirely cover the horizon of the course. Some of the major topics included in the course are; Introduction to health informatics systems; Overview of business systems; Contemporary issues in planning for health information systems; Analysis of systems planning processes; Exploring the applicability of systems planning and integration in an organisation; Understanding cost benefit aspects applicable to enterprise information and communication technology (ICT); Alignment of ICT with business model and processes; ICT adoption issues relevant to enterprises; Identification of key areas for ICT integration in an enterprise; identification of key areas for ICT integration in an enterprise; introduction to green IT and ICT governance. Along with thoroughly covering the syllabus, a student must also submit a few assignments in accordance with the course. This gives the students an opportunity to get hands on experience of the field which significantly prepares them for their long career in the domain. Further, upon successfully completing the assignments, a student must go through a written examination which evaluates a student’s understanding of the topic, subsequent to which a student is awarded and can opt for perusing a career in the field.

Many good universities around the world offer this course which prepares the students for the real career related challenges they may face during their tenure. One such university is University of Southern Queensland, which offers this course by the same name and the course code of this course is, CIS8004. Similarly, University of Southern California offers this course by the name of, Enterprise Resource; Planning, Design and Implementation.