Controversy over EU Membership for UK Assignment

Controversy over EU Membership for UK Assignment

This is research essay based on Controversy over EU Membership for UK Assignment. it describes UK membership reasons why and why not in te European Union.


The UK’s move to get back from the membership of the European Union has become a major political issue now a day. The Major reason for drawing back its name from European membership for UK seems to de internal political conflicts in the country. The Debate is over the major issue that whether Britain should establish itself as a major independent power in future or it should act in the block of power continuing with European Union (Bache et al, 2006).

The Political parties in UK are divided on the issue of EU membership and the division is continuing from the time of membership taken by UK. The Major reasons in favour of continuing the membership of EU is that, UK have support and Global trade relationship due to the EU membership and also there are other benefits attached with the EU membership for UK which they might not get after drawing back from the EU membership (Ekman & Ivar, 2007). The Factors which are against the membership of EU for UK are: High cost involved for UK in carrying on with the EU membership and the major factor is the growth and power which UK want to established through independent existence. Till now no member except Greenland has withdrawn its name from the EU membership.


UK took the decision to join the European Union membership in January, 1973 at the time of European Economic Community (EEC). At that time also the decision taken by present Prime Minister Edward Heath and the decision proved to be very controversial and this decision brought lot of widespread division in the country. The Election of Labour’s party in year 1974 was having the major issue of drawing back from the European Union membership but the whole party itself was divided on the issue (Handler & David, 2006).

In year 1975 the present Prime Minister Harold Wilson who was also in favour of the European Union membership made the election for the whole assembly in order to take the decision. In that voting happened in the assembly 67% of the members voted in favour of the European Union membership. Hence there is no clear decision in UK about retaining or leaving the EU membership from several decades. {Read more about Environment Study Assignment}

Reasons for the controversy

Some of the political leaders in UK support the backup from European Union on the ground that EU is not a good decision for the growth, freedom, history and culture of the Britain. Also another major reason for supporting the backup from European Union is the increasing dominance of the Franco-German powers in the European Union (Happold & Matthew, 1999). As the dominance of the French and German countries are increasing in the European Union which is not much liked by Britain hence the political leaders in UK are taking back UK from EU membership.

The Other Major reason which has become significant in overall controversy in the cost which UK is bearing for having the EU membership. As present, UK is bearing annual cost of about £20 billion for the EU membership which is the huge amount for any country. Hence the political leaders consider it as the wastage of the national money and want to save the cost for EU membership.

Pros and Cons of EU membership for UK

UK is having several pros as well as some cons for having the membership for European Union. The Major advantages of EU membership for UK are as follows:

  • Free trade zone: By having the European membership UK has the access for the trade relationship with more than 27 powerful economies of the world. Just because of this trade relationship UK is having their major exports in these countries (Writer, 2006). Hence if UK will withdraw from the EU membership then it will not be able to establish the trade relationship with these member countries of EU.
  • Free Movement zone: Being in the EU, UK has the access of free movement for the goods as well as people in the member countries of EU which will not be there with UK after withdrawing from the EU membership.
  • Environment legislation: Because of EU membership there is co-ordinated environmental legislation for UK and other EU members which will not be there with UK in case of withdrawal (Peel, 2010). (Read more: Environment Management Tools
  • EU provides voice for the unelected parties in UK which otherwise do not have any power in UK politics.
  • Being there in EU, UK has become a part of the huge economic clout which is benefiting the UK

Some of the major disadvantages of EU membership for the UK are as follows:

  • UK is not able to represent itself as the independent power on the world map hence it is currently assumed to be the dependent power in world. Also being there in EU, the growth of UK is also getting affected.
  • The Structure of EU is very large due to which there is high amount of bureaucracy present in the EU hence it takes lot of time and efforts to accomplish any task through EU.
  • The Membership cost paid by the UK for EU membership is also a huge sum of money.
  • The Increasing corruption in the EU is also the major reason for the various countries to avoid the EU trade and other policies.
  • The Increasing dominance of the French and German Powers in the EU is also a major reason for the UK to withdraw from the membership of the EU.

Looking at the above pros and cons which UK is having for EU membership various political leaders have different opinion and due to that there is huge controversy in the UK for EU membership.


The Controversy over the EU membership is continue in UK from long time and there are various reasons for supporting the withdraw and continuation of membership. Hence the political leaders should do proper analysis of the benefits and costs paid by the UK in monetary and non-monetary terms and then decide for the further policy of the country.   


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