The Characteristics of an Effective Team Management

The Characteristics of an Effective Team Management discuss effective team management and leadership characteristics for team management and development. Team building is the most important factor that shall be managed by the leader while performing their duties as leader. Syndicate of individuals for task or for performing business operations is known as team. Team is more effective or more productive as compared to performance of individual in the business organisation. Team can be made for particular task for separate departments of the organisation. In order to work as team there shall be collective efforts of every single individual or individual shall discharge its duties well in order to improve performance of overall team. There are some factors that every team shall possess in it and they are cooperation, coordination among work, comforting each other company, communicating with each other and resoling issues that were encountered at the time of performing duties.

 The Characteristics of an Effective Team Management

Team is the collection of different skills, capabilities, knowledge base, or abilities that organisation uses in performing business operations. While working in a team, team member can face either problems or member can take it as opportunity for growth as it depends on mind set and mental model of individual team member. Team shall possess with diversity in it as diversity in team can lead towards high performance of the team. Diversity refers to the situation where team of organisation has different types of team member’s i.e. expert, knowledge base, experience, hardworking, operational level employee and many other types of team members. Here diversity means diversity in terms of resources of the organisation. Team bonding is the outcome of effective team building and performance of overall organisational will impact with the performance of team. Different teams’ whole together makes overall business organisation.

There are different stages in the team development process that leader or manager of respective team will undertake. Different stages of team are Forming (discover traits of individual, establish authorities, build boundaries within team, etc.), Storming (influencing, interpersonal goals and conflicts, etc.), Norming (defining roles, establishing objectives of team, cohesion development, etc.) and performing (commitment and task oriented, coordination and trust building). Therefore team is required to be designed in an effective manner and there shall be adequate balance among team members. In order to build effective team, manager or leader shall answer few questions and decisions related to competency, motivation and best fit roles and responsibility within team.

Decisions that leader or manager shall take can be; can recommended team member can perform task as assigned to him or her? What are different factors that motivates individual in a team? Whether individual will be able to show commitment toward their duties and responsibilities? and many more decisions are to be taken by leader or manager. Leader or managers shall analyse and make list of skills and competencies required for the desired job in the team. Performance criteria and job description shall be analysed by the team leader or manager so that exact requirement of the individual or skills for the job is required can be analysed.

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