Change Management Assignment Help

Change Management Assignment Help

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Change management is a systematic approach which is used to deal with the changes which include changes in the organization as well as individual changes. This systematic approach provides competitive advantage. It allows the organizations to implement changes so that it can meet out the market needs.  Change management applies structured tools and techniques to lead so that the organization can achieve desired results. The process highlights the “people side” of change. In simple words, the term is broken down as change and management. Its main aim is to target all organizational levels which includes from higher to lower (executives, senior leaders, managers and supervisors).  It is the systematic approach which transits individuals, teams and the organizations to desired position in the future. In the definitions of project management, change management is the change to the scopes of the project which are formally introduced and approved. When the organization successfully implements change management, it enables the employees to work well and collectively for a common goal. Thus it delivers better benefits and gives productive results. It incorporates various organizational tools. These tools of change management enable the people engaged in a common goal.  Change management helps in reducing the resistance to the organizational change. It involves a number of key players and stakeholders. The main objective of change management remains to enable the beneficial changes.  Changes are natural and predictable. They can take place within the organization on individual as well as on large scale, while some changes takes place outside the organization such as in the markets. But the changes taking outside of the organization can also influence the internal environment of the organization. Thus here change management is an important tool to cover come with such change in order to sustain the organizational performance.

Change Management Assignment Help

Change Management Process

Change management process involves a number of sequences and activities. A change management team or the project leader lead and apply these activities to the project. Generally, change management has three approaches. Change adaptation, change controlling, and the effective change. The core of all three is a proactive approach to deal with change. Change management is the way to define and implement the procedures in order to deal with the changes in the business environment. Thus, change management highly targets profit from changing opportunities. A basic approach of change management process involves three steps:

  • Preparing for Change: This steps highlights preparing for the change. The process involves how the organization does its preparation, assessment and makes strategy development? This is the first step where the organization is required to prepare and define its change management strategy. It involves preparing the change management team equipped with all required resources.
  • Managing Change: This step involves how organization makes it planning and strategies and implements them for change management. This step involves planning change management strategies. It implements the plans and actions to manage the change.
  • Reinforcing Change: This step is all about data collection, making corrective actions and recognition. This step involves the collection and analysis of feedback. It diagnoses the gaps and manages all the resistances followed by implementation of corrective actions.
When any new process is introduced in to the organization, voluntary or involuntary, the organization has to implement change management. A new process in the workplace can lead to changes and people respond towards the changes. So, how the people manage the change, within the organizational workplace. Change management is not just limited to professional life. It has its root in personal life as well.

For an organization to implement change management it is important to understand what kind of the change is it, how has it come in to action etc. The first step should be establishing and developing a case of the change so that the organization can know about the change process. The organization should be aware of necessity of change. Once the importance of change is identified, the organization should communicate its vision in accordance with the future. This involves the position of the organization in coming future once the change is implemented.  The organization should be able to communicate it clearly enough so that it can represent how the change can improve things, positive benefits of change to the organization etc. Organization should completely resource change management programs so that there remain no chances of failure. The resources can be human, capital/finance, IT, facilities and other services. If these resources are adequately supplied for change management program implementation, the change may end up failing, resulting in a greater loss to the organization. The managers and leaders of the organization should be capable enough to manage the changes. They must possess required technical skills so that change can be led and directed to drive best strategic results. Organization must conduct training and coaching programs so that the managers and leaders can be equipped with essential skills and capabilities.

There should be no breakdown of communication through the organization. A good communication cat ever phage of program is essential which can inform the people. It further motivates the people to work ahead. Organizations need to communicate changes effectively and efficiently so that employees can understand it better.  Change management has become an essential and important part of organizational strategies. As the changes in market are not predicted and if the organization is not ready to accept the changes at crucial stages, the changes from outside can lead to organizational breakdown.  Changes bring both risks and advantages for the organizations. Sometimes changes are natural, sometimes, they are facilitated by the organization to for betterment. Leading through changes is an important step which is directed by good leaders as it needs leading skills and motivational skills. Better communication and strategic leadership are two skills which are required at every step during change management process. Change management program shouldn’t degrade the system performances. Organizations need identify and plan for all the changes before implementing them.  Prior to implementation of change management program, organizations should evaluate and test the changes.

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