Cash Management Assignment Help

Cash Management Assignment Help

Cash Management Assignment Help

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Cash Management 

Cash management is the process of collection, management and investment of cash (short – term).  It is a broad term.  It further includes the concentration and disbursement of cash. The goal of cash management is to manage the cash for the enterprise.  Cash management is a key component of company. It ensures the financial stability and solvency.  The overall cash management of the business is done by corporate treasurer or business manager.  A company manages all the financial aspects of the business. These include revenue collection, cash investment etc. A proper cash management supports the business to stay financially afloat. Cash management assesses the market liquidity, investments and cash flow. Cash management in sometimes also referred as treasury management. In marketing, it is used for cash flow offered to larger business customers.  It can be utilized for all bank accounts. There are many financial instruments which are involved in cash management. These include certificates of deposit, money market funds, and treasury bills.

Cash management is a strategic approach a company use to collect, track and invest the money. The term cash is used for coin or paper money. In case of cash management, companies work with cash equivalents for e.g. checks. As electronic methods are now in use, cash management is becoming a common practice. In case of small businesses, there remains no regular source of credit. In order to meet their expenses, they have to depend on their own credit. Sometimes in case of larger businesses, the costs can come up beyond expectations. These such situations lead the company at risk. There can be loss of revue or even out of business. Due to other such problems, there can be shortage of cash at any time. Companies fail to pay their employees. With an effective cash management system, companies can use their cash and process it. So that companies can have sufficient funds in hand to handle with any such problems.

Many times, unexpected things happen in the businesses. Due to change in the market scenario, there can be shortage of cash. Cash management ensures that the company has enough cash available to manage with all such problems. Managing cash flow is an important task for managers. As the company can go insolvent any time, if it fails to pay off any obligation on time. This can be the reason of bankruptcy. Cash management not only prevents such situations, it also improves the profitability. It further reduces any such risks. That’s why it is important for new growing businesses.

Common Cash Management services

  • Account Reconciliation
  • Advanced Web Services
  • Armored Car Services/Cash Collection
  • Balance Reporting
  • Automated Clearing House
  • Cash Concentration Services
  • Lockbox Wholesale Services
  • Lockbox Retail Services
  • Controlled Disbursement
  • Positive Pay
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • Sweep Accounts
  • Zero Balance Account
  • Wire Transfer

Cash Management & Technology

Technology has drastically changed the way of taking care of money. Companies have established networks. With help of technologies such asAutomated Clearing House, companies can transact B to B cash transfer. It reduces payment from account of the customer. It deposits the funds in the account of the vendor. These services can be availed at a fee at the local banks. There are many types of software which are used for cash flow to automate payroll. They are used for routine material purchases and other services including electricity. Softwares are used in budget reports preparations. These are used in purchasing the orders and in fiscal statements. Though it is a costly task to manage, update the hardware, but the use and services given are justified more than the cost. Companies gain a lot of savings on using these services.

For small, growing businesses, cash management is an essential skill. Such businesses don’t have proper access to the affordable credit. So there are cases of upfront costs. While waiting for receivables, these businesses should manage the cash. A strong cash management structure strengths the company financially. Due to this, the company can meet any unexpected expenses at any time. Cash management is required to recognize the optimum cash balance of any company.  Cash management is required for solving the working capital shortness, to speed up the company operations, to maintain the solvency of the company etc. Cash management reduces the time which is taken to collect the cash. Due to time delays such as processing floats, bank floats and mail floats, companies have to suffer. Cash management decreases the length and impact of such float periods.

Topics covered in Cash Management Assignment Help

  • Cash budgeting
  • Float Management
  • Cash Planning
  • Optimum Cash Balance
  • Baumol’s Model
  • Miller – Orr Model
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Short – Term Investments
  • Cash Forecasting Budgeting
  • Credit Policy
  • Liquidity
  • Surplus Cash Investment

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