MGMT1102 Corporate Social Responsibility Editing Services

MGMT1102 Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment

MGMT1102 Corporate Social Responsibility Editing Services

Review the example given in your presentation on the “Age of Responsibility”: 

In the year 2011 to 2015, the management of Coke consumed approx. spent on regular more than $6 million per year promoting against the public health measure expected at decrease soda consumption as per the data from the unbiased centre for receptive government. Many of the beverage company such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola are on the largest beverage industry which is offering $10 million to the children’s hospital of Philadelphia when the tax proposal will be released (O’Connor, 2016). The organization believes that fatness is a multifaceted and complex issue so that they are engaging with the public health management organization for providing healthier product as per the demand and desire of customers.

Critique the company for what it isn’t doing right, through the lens of sustainability, human bias, and what you know of the general purpose of business.

The general purpose of business is to produce a large number of carbonated drink and juice for increasing the global revenue effectively.In achieving their goal, they are contributing to obesity by providing a variety of carbonated drinks to the customer.In the context of sustainability and human bias, the sugary drink providing by the organization is responsible for affecting the sustainability level. The drinks provided by Coca-Cola also affect the sugar level balance in the human body which can affect the human health in a negative way (Crane andMatten, 2016). The Coca-Colawants to appear as a publically responsible business citizen and foyer against community health measure. They are not taking any serious action for attaining their statement.

Describe alternative sustainable courses of action, in opposition to the current practice.

The alternative sustainable course of action that can be done by the organization in opposition to the current practice is to make decompose of waste and also recycle do proper recycling of material so that it will not harm the society and environment as well. They can also start manufacturing health drinks, juice for the customer as this will not affect be responsible for affecting their revenue and human health as well (Yigitcanlar and Teriman, 2015). The organization also needs to develop aim for their profit by looking over the customer benefit as well.

Explain your best alternative, and share it as a discussion posting, for feedback.

As per my views, the best alternative in opposition to the current practice is the manufacturing of healthy drink and juice for the customer.In the current era, many of the customers are having health system issues such as heart attacks, high blood pressure and others which can be increased due to the consumption of carbonated drinks.  The fiber in the fruit will remove obesity and another disease effectively. The amount of fruit and nutrients will provide energy to the customer. By manufacturing juice and healthy drink, the global revenue of the organization will also not get affected.

Provide meaningful feedback to at least one post from another student. 

I believe that the work posted byLindsey Dunham is quite impressive. In the report, she has included all the main aspects related to the topic. However, she can add more about the sustainable alternative to the Coca-Cola with intention to grasp more ideas regarding the lens of sustainability. I personally think that best sustainable alternative for Coca-Cola will be the manufacturing of healthy drinks that doesn’t increases obesity.


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