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Management can be of different forms each covering a particular aspect. Management is the process of managing things more effectively in order to carry out better results. We can relate management to marketing, finance, project and many other fields. One of the most important applications of management can be seen in human resources section. Human Resources Management is basically the proper management of human resources in order to maximize the efficiency of work. The main idea behind this course is to train individuals in managing people.

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Human Resources Management popularly known as HRM forms the basis of modern companies and organization. It is the HRM department only that focuses on building the strong foundation of a company. The main areas that HRM focuses in an organization are recruitment, training, motivation, management of employees, administration management and operations management. In simple words, we can say that the HRM department plays a very important role in framing the overall structure of an organization. The thing is that the role played by this HRM department can be varied depending upon the strength of the organization. Sometimes, the HRM department only focuses on a particular area but sometimes they can have different role depending upon the organization’s structure. What I actually want to convey is that in the past time, the HRM department was only bounded to paying employees, recruitment of employees and keeping a close view on employees. But now the things are not the same that is in this modern world the HRM department has a wider area of obligations in an organization.

The main areas in which the HRM department focuses today are namely hiring of employees, training of employees, performance management, paying the employees, team management, policy planning and many other functions. So, as we can see that the role played by the HRM department covers all the aspects of an organization.

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