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The importance of dealing in large transactions with organizations to organizations has led to the emergence of this marketing term Business2Business or B2B marketing. This involves interaction of a complete chain which is briefly explained by Michael Porter in his value chain diagram. The concept of Primary activities including the inbound logistics, operations, value addition, outbound logistics, marketing and customer services which are supported by the secondary services of HRM, technology, capital and infrastructure support to complete a cycle for any organization. The interaction with the vendors to procure the raw materials and managing a complete logistics chain for distribution has become very important in today’s world where internet and world wide web has made the customers very demanding and the quality standards have risen to a new height. The emerging concept of e-auction including reverse auction where all the meta sites manage the transaction for all the industrial players has become very complex. In today’s modern world the market has become global where vendors find industrial buyers and the buyers get vendors all over the world through auction sites and the internet. Thus, monopoly has vanished to a great extent on either side. Such scenario demands a very deep understanding of the Business to Business transactions and the marketing and sales team for any vendor dealing with large organizations as their buyers have to be very vigilant for competitors and substitutes. The major differences between a B2B and a B2C environment includes the increased volume of ordered transaction quantity and currency, global requirements of international firms, extended hierarchy of decision makers which is known as the decision making unit (DMU), detailed information present with the buyer organization and quality competitors in the market. Thus, understanding of the B2B marketing concepts is very important for any professional dealing with large organizations as their customers.

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