Business Sustainability Assignment Help

Business Sustainability Assignment Help

This is a solution of Business Sustainability Assignment Help which discuss three pillars of sustainability which are social, economic and environment.


In this article, the researcher has discussed the several perceptions based on sustainability that are exercised by the organizations. As per the governmental laws and legislations, the organizations have to exercise sustainability. This report has involved the several issues that arise due to unsustainable practices of the organization. Moreover, the government frames laws and regulations so that the businesses are able to operate within the environment sustainably. It is very essential to operate sustainably by the business as the environment helps them to acquire all the needs and requirements and similarly the businesses must take the fact into consideration that they are not compromising with the future requirements. The most important thing to understand is that as the businesses today are able to meet their demands and requirements from the environment.  Hence, they are able to make the opportunity for the new generation to meet their demands and requirements from the environment.


In this report, I have involved all my ideologies and perceptions based on the four weeks classes. The concept of sustainability in Organizational Performance is very familiar with everybody and hence, it is the main topic of discussion for today. However, before diving into the topic I think it will be effectual if the meaning of sustainability is elucidated. Sustainability is regarded as the endurance of the environment of the several activities that are undertaken by the business. Whilst it can be further opined that the sustainable business is the process in which a business involves minimal impact on the environment (Campbell and Mollica, 2010, p.233). The most important thing is that sustainable business is also considered as the green business.  The business that exercises sustainable business involves the three pillars of sustainability.

three pillars of sustainability Business Sustainability Assignment Help

Figure 1: Three pillars of sustainability

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The pillars include People, Profit and the Planet. The classes that I attend proved to be beneficial for me as it generated the best ideas and perceptions regarding sustainability in business (Oppenheim, 2015). The knowledge that I gathered from the classes has helped me with the concept of various pillars of sustainability. Furthermore, the pillars of sustainability can also be termed as the three spheres of sustainability.[Get Marketing Ideas]

three spheres of sustainability Business Sustainability Assignment Help

Figure 2: Three spheres of sustainability

(Source:Ehrlich and Salzman, 2012, pp.541)

From several information that I gathered further by reading journals and web pages, I could figure out that, there were organizations which failed to operate sustainably. Therefore the companies  hampered immense affect on the nature. Nature plays a very important role in our lives and it is our duty to protect the same. It must be taken into consideration that for fulfilling my needs and demands I should not compromise with the needs of my future generations. From the ecological footprints, I can figure out that the environment is highly being affected by the unsustainable activities practiced by the businesses (Graedel and Voet, 2010, p.111). Today, numerous businesses are operating sustainably but few also exist who are still having adverse impacts on the environment.    In most of the cases, organizations dealing with manufacturing of air conditioners are observed to have operating unsustainably. In recent days, the lifestyles of people have experienced development and the demand for air conditioners have increased with the passage of time. Everybody must know this that   the uses of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) are used in the air- conditioners and the release of the same into the environment leads to the adverse affect. Moreover, other industries dealing with chemicals are operating without maintaining the proper procedures which is leading to emissions of green house gas and hence creating high impact on the environment (Robinson, 2012, p.331). I strongly feel that the demands that we create in the market for our luxury lifestyle also have negative influences on the environment.

I have gone through several web pages where I have got huge evidences of the various negative impact of the environment. I really deemed into the fact that really, we did not take the issues very seriously and hence today we are at loss. The loss is evolved not only because of the businesses besides we are also equally responsible. The impact is immense on the nature thereby the same has equal affect for our future generations too (Bell, and Morse, 2013, p.221). While going to the articles I found that Victoria experienced colossal case of drought. Moreover, Ballarat also experienced lack of potable water, which highly affected the people. The effects that are generated by the businesses leaves great symptom on the environment today and on the future as well. The common thing that today people are experiencing and in future they will further face is the lack of resources to meet their requirements and demands.  The crisis generated in these days cannot be made up very easily. These issues today are hindering the growth of the social as well economic factors (Adler, 2010, p.214). As the issues are engulfing the beauty of the nations or the countries, it is also diminishing the levels of tourism, which on the other hand is hampering the economy of the nation. It is the very reasonable fact that, the natural disasters are creating high impact on the social environmental and the economical aspects and for the loss we are liable (Bruckmeier, 2012, p.1388). [Read about International Business Assignment Help]

Moreover, when I scrutinized the lecture notes I was able to understand the affect of unsustainable operations on a wider scale. I was very curious to find out the footprint of the developed countries of their level of consumption of fossil fuels. From the information derived, it was quite clear that the United States of America used almost half of the fossil fuels and Australia consumed much of its available fossil fuels (Rosen, 2012, p.336). When I decided to scribble down the entire information on the graphs and my footprint I just thought of the concept that why no such steps are undertaken to control the overuse of the available resources.

I really think of the fact that our environment is being highly affected by the activities of the people and the same is disturbing the flow of the nature. It is very clear that the nature plays a very important role in our lives. However, by certain unsustainable activities we are just diminishing the quality and beauty of the nature. It must be noted that the Australians are pious and they consider their land to be very sacred (, 2015). They make the use of land as much as they need they also try to use as less as they can. There does not exist any such laws or legislations that would make them or bound them to reduce the usage of land. However, by their own belief and piousness they make the little usage of land. The overuse of the resources by individuals and at the wider scale the business activities affect the environment from being green and at the same time are evidently compromising with the fulfilment of the need of the future generations (Rosen, 2015, p.450). The natural disasters that are occurring destroying the beauty of the environment. The organizations are regarded as the slow adapters of the changes and they become slow in adapting the changes as they are bound to follow the legislations. Several issues are created due to unsustainable activities and the same must be controlled else the people have to experience an unenthusiastic facet of nature (Rutkauskas, 2012, p.1135).

The unsustainable activities that businesses are performing these days have high impact on the nature. It is very important for the organizations to implement the business plan in order to reduce the over usage of the scarce resources and at the same time make strategies that can help them to make over the loss that has been already generated in the environment. I joined LG Electronics Company in Australia as the quality control manager.  As I have read in several of my documentaries that the gases that are emitted while using refrigerators and the   air conditioners are very harmful in nature. As the quality control manager I exemplified the fact that if the air conditioners are manufactured in such a way that they do not emit any such of the harmful gases that can have a negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, I would also focus on the below mentioned points that would help me to achieve my objectives:

  • Encouraging the organization to adapt changes as quickly as possible
  • Must work ensuring that they are keeping the aspects of environment unharmed
  • Encouraging the concept of the waste recycle and commercial waste collection
  • To consider the economic development thereby proceeding with the reduction in emissions


Therefore, from the above discussion it can be finally concluded that the sustainability is very important as it has high impact on the environment.  The class of four weeks has enabled me to clarify my perceptions regarding the term sustainability and the significance of the same. The businesses must operate sustainably to make the opportunities for their future generation. Today we are able to meet our requirements from the environment and hence, we must also focus on the fact that our future generations are also able to meet their demands and needs from the nature thereby undertaking steps to make their future generations to avail the same equally.

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