Business Communication Assignment Help

Business Communication Assignment Help

Business Communication Assignment Help

In this paper, I have described the communication in business, which is helpful for the business students.

Communicationis a process with help of which a person is able to give or get information related to needs, desires, perceptions, knowledge etc. Communication in Communication involves various conventional and non conventional signals, it can be linguistic or non linguistic, spoken, may be intentional or non intentional.

Communication is defined as the exchange of thoughts, emotions, and ideas either by written or spoken or by symbols, actions.

Business Communication:

Business communication means communication within an organization to organize, manage and operate the organization functions. It can be oral, verbal or written.  An effective business communication can be the soul of business success as it is important to exchange the ideas, understanding and thoughts within and outside the organization in order to achieve business goals.  It is specialized branch of general communication important to carry out the business activities.

Business communication is comprised of following topics:

-          Marketing

-          Consumer behavior

-          P&R

-          Corporate Communication

-          Customer relations

-          Branding

-          Advertising

-          Even management

-          Online and social communication


As the technology has been advanced, so the methods of business communication. Earlier the communication is done with the help of help of written letters or memos, interviews, telephones or meetings. But now there are latest technologies which have made business communication very easy, less time consuming and cost effective. Now almost every business communication is dependent upon electronic communication like email, chat, text and other internet based communication channels. All these types have a significant role and may be cost variable depending upon the medium used and the duration and frequency of usage. Business communication is required to serve the following purposes:

-          Information, idea, options and thought exchange

-          For planning and proposals

-          Decisions executions and agreements

-          Sending and meeting out the orders

There are generally two types of business communication, which collectively are known as Vertical Communication:

  1. Internal Communication:

This type of communication takes place within an organization including all types of communication within it. An effective internal business communication is required for all organizational objectives which further helps in productivity, performance, profits, jobs satisfaction and safety among employees.

Internal business communication has following subcategories:

Upward Communication:

In the organizational hierarchy, the information exchange from subordinates to superiors is known as upward communication. It includes the information flow from employees to managers. In absence of upward communication, there is no thought exchange from employees to the managers. It is necessary for the staff.

Downward Communication:

Downward communication means the information exchange from managers to the staff. It is done to provide information which is important for the subordinates. When upward communication takes place in an effective manner, the communication procedure is followed by downward communication.  The managerial hierarchy in the organization utilizes this type of communication method to provide motivation, to boost up, to increase efficacy, to seek corporation, to make decisions, for instructions etc.

Horizontal Communication:

Horizontal communication is also known as literal communication. In this type of communication, the information exchange takes place among the people with the same rank. They do so in order to cooperation, collaboration and support for solving problems, accomplishing tasks, teamwork improvement etc.

  1. External Communication:

External communication means to communicate outside of the organization. Company heads communicates with outside people such as vendors, suppliers, customers.  It leads to better sales volume. It achieves public credibility, operational efficiency and company profits.  It also improves the corporate image, goodwill in the society and market adding to the overall performance of the company which is helpful in achieving organizational goal and customer satisfaction.

Business communication within the organization with among the managers and the staff and outside the organization, both are required for the organization to grow and flourish. A human resource manager has to maintain a healthy communication and relationship within as well as outside of the organization.  Business communication helps in improving customer relations employee’s relations.

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