Balance Between Environment and Development Assignment

Balance Between Environment and Development Assignment

Introduction: Balance Between Environment and Development Assignment

Environment and Development Assignment discusses what steps are taken by varioius countries in order to achieve sustainable development. In the globalisation era countries are growing at a very fast rate. Countries are making efforts to ensure the growth in terms of economic status, technological growth, growth in infrastructure and development is going on at a fast race. These developments come with lot of environmental issues which affects the environment adversely (Mukherjee, 1993). Hence environment problems arisen due to development initiative is hindered by the environment issues like lack of natural resources, fragile ecological environment and the inadequate environmental capacity are all major issues which are hindering development of the countries.

Environment and Development Assignment

Now with focus on the more and more development governments of various countries will now have to focus on maintenance of a healthy environment for achieving long term development motive since without environment, development can’t exist. After some of the devastating impacts of environmental balances countries are looking forward to maintain a balance between environment and the development. So the steps they are taking include special preventive measures, comprehensive control and strengthening their legal system of environment protection. With these efforts the balance is striking between environment and development as the scarce natural resources are saved and environmental pollution has been controlled up to large extent due to these initiatives.

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With the formation of international environment committee which ensures the healthy environment worldwide with lying down strict rules and regulations which have to be abide by industries within nations so as to make the planet a better place to live. World environment safety organisation is which is also a very important part of the overall environment safety has also laid down certain restrictions on member countries to use the healthy practice into their development programs so that minimum environment destruction can be ensured.

The impacts of bad environment are not limited to problems like green house effect but impacts are Multifoods like health impacts (like weather related mortalities, infectious diseases, air quality respiratory illnesses), agricultural impacts (e.g. crop yield and imgation demands), forest impacts (Change in forest composition, shift geographic range of forests and forest health and productivity), water resources impact (change in water supply, water quality, increased competition for water), impact on coastal areas (erosion of beaches, inundate coastal lands and costs to defend coastal communities) and species and natural areas (shift in ecological zones and loss of habitual and species).


China at present is suffering with the consequences of mass industrialisation which it has enhanced to increase the production so as to become one of the strongest economies in the world. China at present is looking for the root cause of pollution than the pollutants itself. That’s why china is putting restrictions on various industries in the country to curb the environment deterioration. Its preventive measures are working very well since 1995 as the amount of industrial waste water, oxygen for industrial chemical (Almeida, 1972), industrial sulphur dioxide, industrial smoke and industrial dust discharged in generating the one unit of GDP has been dropped by 58 percent, 72 percent, 42 percent, 55 percent and 39 percent.

The steps taken to control the deterioration of environment by China are as follows:

  1. Eliminating enterprises with backward technology
  2. Developing cyclical economy
  3. Taking precautions against environmental emergencies
  4. Instituting start to end management system to manage development
  5. Exercising strict safety management system
China's global ambitions are not hidden by anyone. Taking advantage of Globalisation China is increasing Business  across continents. Environmental activists have criticized this massive industrial expansion.


In United States of America environmental deterioration is caused due to industrial development, nuclear program development and other developments so the steps are taken in order to combat the increasing environment deterioration (Sida, 1996). Some of the major issues USA is facing right now are as follows:

  1. Climate change
  2. Ozone protection
  3. Water pollution
  4. Waste Disposal
  5. Impact on ocean ecology
  6. Coastal zone management
  7. Decommissioning
  8. Chemical safety containment
  9. Overall environment

Some of the regulatory measures taken by USA are as follows:

  1. Focus on legislation in order to regulate industry
  2. MMS implements offshore natural energy policy
  3. Regulations not affected by international agreements
  4. Measures to improve performance


United Kingdom is also working on maintaining balance between their environment and development initiatives (Routledge, 2001). UK has adopted various measures to ensure the environment safety which are as follows:

  1. Promoting the organisations for environment safety
  2. Enhancing the online pollution control facilities
  3. Developing institutions for environment safety with development
  4. Efforts to measure the greenhouse gas emission from industries and control them by using safety measure
  5. Guidelines for environment safety
  6. Safe transmission of natural gas
  7. Controlling nuclear developments to curb harmful gas emission


United Arab Emirates has planned measures to strike a balance between its development and environment so as to gain the sustainable development in future (Club, 1996). Following are some of the important measure taken by UAE to strike balance between environment and development:

  1. Formation of EHS (Environment health safety) organisation to control the environmental deterioration
  2. To start the nationwide campaign (“think before you waste campaign”) to save the natural resources and make environment healthy
  3. Formation of regulatory bodies in UAE for environment safety

Some of the environment safety organisations in UAE are as follows:

  • Federal government
  • Ministry of agriculture and fisheries
  • Individual emirates agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Academic research institutes


Countries around the world are putting their best efforts to make developments, and these development efforts are somewhere causing harm to the environment. Due to this environment is deteriorating in form of ozone layer depletion, water pollution, air pollution, imbalance in ocean ecology and other phenomenon. Hence every country needs to ensure the environmental safety along with their development programmes. Since environment safety is more important than better development in nations. Countries around the world needs to combat the environmental problems by taking simultaneous efforts by putting restrictions on industries and controlling nuclear programme which are causing environment deterioration by harmful gas emission. Hence international organisations like UN organisation for environment safety need to work more closely with all nations to ensure a healthy nation.


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