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About Canberra

The city of Canberra is a place which provides a very wide variety of options for the students in order to do a job with their studies going on side by side. Canberra, being the capital of Australia, is filled with the job opportunities that the youth of today is looking for. The students in Canberra can easily earn their living just by taking time out from their college and the universities. Being the capital city of Australia, this city remains active the entire 24hours, and hence generating very good opportunities for the college and the university students to work and earn something for themselves with their studies.


Education in Canberra

Canberra is the capital of Australia, also the biggest inland city in Australia. Overall, Canberra is the 8th largest city in Australia. The speciality of the Canberra is that the total unemployment rate of the city is lower but the average income of the people is higher; also the total tertiary education level is greater while the population here is younger. The literacy rate is comparatively at a very good stage and that is just because of the education level that is provided in the city of Canberra. More or less all the educational institutions in the ACT are positioned within Canberra. There are a very large number of colleges and universities in Canberra that fabricate well & sophisticated students.

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Top universities and their education level

The list of the top universities and the elite colleges is very long that is situated in the city of Canberra. Some of the most venerated colleges and universities are:


These are some of the most venerated colleges and the universities which have been attracting the student not only from Australia but also from abroad. The education level that they provide is of the superlative level. The students would not only learn the things theoretically but would also practice and would learn them in a practical way. The students are being provided with the way they want to learn. Nothing is forced on to the students but is made to be learnt in a very creative way and hence the interest of the student in that field is slowly developed. Canberra is a place each student would always come to do his studies.

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