Training and Development Paper Editing Services

Training and Development Assignment Brief

Training and Development Paper Editing Services

This training and development assignment brief is related to the review of growth of training and development and analyze the training methods

Assessment: Individual Assignment


  • Cover page with: School name; program name; course name and code, topic title, your name, semester, assignment number, and submission date.
  • Font: 12 point Times new Roman; 1.5 line spacing; 2.5 margins
  • Please use numbered headings to separate each section

Assignment Text

The learner shall do the following:

Google is planning to send its employees to Middle East region. Refer to “Google Case study /Video on training”. Then attempt the following:

  • Analyze the training methods used by Google
  • Explain the way in which they prepare their employees for international assignments.
  • Develop a suitable “cross-cultural training program” for Google employees to survive in UAE. Show the important elements of preparation of employees for international job assignments.

Guidelines for Completion

  • For this assignment you are expected to read the question, read the case and watch the video
  • You need to collect data from the chosen organization.
  • The report should be organized into: introduction, main body (answer all the questions here) and conclusion and references, if any (APA style). The reference list is not included in the word count.

Refer to rubrics below Please note that the allowed similarity percentage as generated by Turn it in does not exceed 20%
Assessment Feedback
Grades and comments will be posted on the VLE within 2 weeks of the submission deadline

  • Completely focused on the topic; includes the explanations to introduce the topic effectively. Explains low of work effectively
  • Focused on topic but without definitions or explanations to introduce the topic effectively. Explains flow of work briefly

Scientific Content

  • Literature review is in depth and carries 5-6 citations from journal articles; The report addresses in-depth analyses of all the relevant issues.
  • Literature review is satisfactory and carries a few citations from either journal articles or any other sources; the report addresses analyses of most of the relevant issues.