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Supply Chain Management Editing and Paper Editing Services

To introduce to the student supply chain management assignment help measurement matrices used within organizations for supply chain performance.

Assignment 1

Supply Chain performance measures can be based on many measures , some of them for example are:

  • Supply chain costs as a percent of sales
  • Supply chain response time
  • Time spent placing an order
  • Percentage of late deliveries
  • Percentage of rejected material
  • Number of shortages per year
  • Inventory turns
  • Inventory as a percentage of total assets
  • Cash to conversion cycle
  • Dwell time
  • On-shelf in-stock percentage
  • 3 year weighted return on assets
  • 3 year weighted revenue growth

Course Report

The student will investigate an organization (DANONE) manufacturing and distributing many stock keeping units to the local or global market and write a report on the measures used by the organization for improving supply chain performance within the organization. The course report requires the student to include these aspects about the organization:

1. Analyse the way in which the organisation sources raw materials, components and sub-assemblies and supplies finished goods to the local and/or global market.
2. Evaluate the various measures used within the supply chain activities of the organization.
3. Suggest additional measures that could be used for this organization.
4. Possible system, culture, policy or process barriers that could prevent the necessary measures from being implemented.

One way of dealing with this course report, if you have little or no experience of supply chain management is to set up an interview with the supply chain manager in an organization where you can gain access. Predetermine the questions you wish to ask and record the answers for later consideration. Discuss your choice of organization with your lecturer and if need help, please make an appointment with your lecturer on how to select an organization. Marks will be deducted if no interview is conducted. (Interview through phone call, whatsapp etc)

The report should follow the format guidelines contained in the Harvard referencing, and should contain reference citations and bibliography listing all sources of information. The requirement of the written report is:

Whilst some account of the organization's current supply chain management system will be appropriate, this should not be too lengthy; of more importance are relevant references to the literature, and demonstration of your critical faculties in weighing theory against practice. The format of the assignment could be as follows:

  1. Introduction– Defines Supply Chain Management and introduces the reader to the areas of discussion within the report.
  2. Literature Review– a comprehensive research of the relevant theory on supply chain management measures.
  3. Background of organization– a brief description of the organization.
  4. Description of the organization’s supply chain management measurement system.
  5. Recommendations– regarding additional measures that would be beneficial to the organization from a supply chain management perspective.
  6. Possible system, culture, policy or process barriers that could prevent  the necessary measures from being implemented
  7. Personal reflection– an account of your personal learning as a result of doing this assignment.
  8. Conclusion– Why supply chain management is a key management area within an organization in the light of globalisation of businesses.
  9. References & Appendices