Strategic Group Report Paper Editing and Proof Reading Services

Strategic Group Report Assignment Brief

Strategic Group Report Paper Editing and Proof Reading Services


Working In groups of 4-5 students, you need to identity a company (Australian Company only) wi any industry of your choice and examine the environment they have been operating and their growth strategies. Following are the industries from where you can chose a company.

• Agriculture
• Tourism
• Education
• Pharmaceutical
• Organic food
• Wine
• Airline
• Sports/Events

Note: Students are not allowed to choose fast food or soft drinks industries for this assignment.

UndergraduateProgramHC3 141InternationalStrategicManagement

Use the following structure foryour assignment:

  • Introduction — Industry and your company

  • The micro and macro-environment in which this company is operating — briefly discuss main factors

  • Company’s competitive advantage over its rivals.

  • Is this company following any Generic Strategies of Porters (Cost leadership. Focus or Differentiation)

  • Company’s growth leadership strategieslike diversification or Integration or company using Ansoff matrix to grow in their market.

  • Strategic recommendations at functional and business level

The presentation should cover the above in a15 minutes presentation.

Strategic group report & presentation report

  • Introduction                                               
  • Macrn/Micro Environment                        
  • Company’s competitive advantage          
  • Company’s generic strategies                  
  • Growth strategies                                    
  • Recommendations 
  • Report format, presentation and referencing    


  • Overall flow of presentation, eye contact etc.
  • Validity of contents presented                                
  • Slide Lay out and impression of excellence
  • Product planning
  • Market strategy
  • opportunity

Make new product strategies with existing product in market. company can make one or more growth strategies to catch their goal and success. Strategy make to win in market and sure the goal of business strategies. customer satisfaction include in this strategies.

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