MKT60006 Strategic and Entrepreneurial Marketing Proof Reading Service

MKT60006 Strategic and Entrepreneurial Marketing Assignment  Brief

MKT60006 Strategic and Entrepreneurial Marketing Proof Reading Service

Assessment overview

The benefit of undertaking a Masters is to enhance your problem solving skills. A structured approach to problem solving, guided by the theories, concepts and frameworks will deliver a better outcome than response-based default positions or simple opinion.Case analysis creates an opportunity to apply your problem solving skills and your “advanced and integrated understanding of a complex body of knowledge (AQF Level 9) from the marketing discipline to demonstrate your bility to solve problems in a structured manner.

Assessment details

You will be given access to a case study with five questions.

Question one:

What is the problem or the key issue in the case? You may list a range of symptoms however you must finish this question with a one or two sentence, marketing related, problem statement. (20%)

Question two:

Analyse the environment for the case study and analyse the main marketing opportunities and threats facing the organisation. Use an Active/Matrix SWOT in framing your response. (1 5%)

Question four:

Outline the objectives (SMART) for the organisation. Explain your proposed marketing mix strategy for the organisation. Justify your proposed strategy by explaining how your marketing mix strategy will overcome the identified problem (Qi) and achieve the stated objective. You are being asked to prove, with evidence and theory, that your proposed strategy will work. (40%)

Question five:

iscuss any implications you erlvisdge Iui the illlplemelltdtion of your proposed strategy. (10%)

Your task is to determine your key contention, insight or recommendation relative to the question, determine what theories, concepts or frameworks (supported by relevant refererces try and go beyond the textbook) will assist in demonstrating to the reader how you arrived at your key contention, insight or recommendation and apply broad industry research (supported by relevant references) to give the paper contextual relevance to the question.

It is critical that your responses tegrate the theory from this subject.