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SOY00411 Tourism Theories and Practices Editing Services

This assignment explains aboutfoundation of tourism theories including the entire system of tourism and the application of these theories to practical contexts in hospitality and tourism industries. Certain factors are embedded in curriculum like important academic skills that are related with critical thinking, sustainable tourism, and essay writing and information literacy.

Assessment 1

For finding the journals, follow under mentioned steps:

1. Go to the website of SCU Library and conduct a research from the given catalogue.


2. From the list, Choose the “ejournal” option and click on the journal icon(Second option below)


3. A pop-up window will appear. Then, click on the source that indicates red arrow


4. Login as requested and choose the issue that you want to search for interesting articles for Assessment 1. You can use the same approach for finidng the Journal of convention and Event tourism.

5. In case of any problem, you can contact the SCU library. You can also visit the library any other time, if on-compus come to different libarry sessions that is conducted as the part of regular workshops for students.

6. Students that are having distance or online studying can also acce ss to you tube videos made by the staff of the library specific to this assignment to provide you special guidance. Or you can contact to your lecturer for further assistance.

Note – We mentioned SCU Library just for the reference purpose

Question/Answers for students

Q1. Are references included in the word count?

A. No, the reference list is not included in the word count for this assessment.

Q2. Is the in-text referencing included in the word count?

A. Yes

Q3. Can we choose two different issues from one of the journals?

A. Yes, and you can choose one article from each of the journals if you want, and you can choose articles published from 2014 to 2017.

Task 1

Q1. What follows was a recent multiple email question and response with examples regarding finding appropriate articles that you may find helpful.

Q2. I think I have found the first article I am interested in exploring further (about Participant-based brand image perceptions of sports events), but I'm having difficulty in selecting the second article. Am I correct in assuming that, in order to effectively compare and contrast topics and themes in the 2 articles, both articles will need to be on similar topics, i.e. the second article should be about 'brand image perceptions' for example?

Q3.After reading a few abstracts I am moving towards "destination image restoration" as a theme. I am particularly interested in comparing and contrasting the theories, techniques and tools used to repair the image of these 2 destinations - news reports and advertising campaigns etc versus facebook. Does this sound like a good approach and what to write about in this assessment?

Q4Write a 900-word review describing and comparing the topics or themes discussed in the two articles including a critical review of how clearly the aims, results and conclusions of the articles have been presented.

Assessment 2

This assessment has 30% value of total unit marks. It contains annotated bibliography.


For section 1, there are total 5 grades for each element. Each Academic source element contains 5 Marks While Section 2 of Bibliographic Referencing and the Reflection has specific marking. (Marking of Section 2 may affect the overall standard.

Marking will be served on specific basis:

1. Poor:It is considered as below standard or is completely unacceptable

2. Fair: It is marked as borderline that shows signs of effort but can be improved dramatically

3. Good: It is satisfactory work that addresses criteria

4. V.Good: It is marked as high standard of coherence and clarity

5. Excellent: It is served as error free and very appropriate

Task 1

1.You are required to critically evaluate and briefly summarize the relevancy of four academic literature sources that are relevant to the essay question in Assessment 3. You cannot include Unit readings or textbooks.

Literature Review2. Present you are assignment in the given format:

a. Heading for each academic source has the full bibliographic source details that should be arranged in an alphabetical order.

b. You have to include an overview or the brief description of the contents of each source.

c. You have to perform critical analysis of each sources (weakness or strengths)

d. You have to write a statement or statements of the relevance which are useful to each source in relation to the Assessment 3 essay question and topics.

e.You have to find assignment reflection and Turnitin Report and attach it by reflecting 200 words of how you consider that your information literacy skills and critical reading may have developed through work on this assignment.

Marking criteria

The annotated bibliography should contain 1200 words. You have to write bibliographic heading for each source of academy. Marks are allocated according to:

1. 2 marks allocated per heading = 8 marks

2. Critical review and evaluation of 4 academic sources = 20 marks

3. Reflection and Turn-it-in Originality Report = 2 marks

Total -30 marks

Assessment 3

This assessment contains essay that has 50% value in 2000 words of the assignment.

Task 1

In this assessment, you have to demonstrate your critical thinking skills which can be developed in this unit for the purpose of providing link to the theories discussed with the practical functions of a specific region or tourist destination. The main aim of this assignment is to identify what is actually occurring or being practiced at a place and relate this to different theoretical concepts introduced in this unit.


1. Identify a TDR that will be used as a basis of comparison and contrast to the related theories to practical aspects of TDR.

2. Start with an introduction which could identify the TDR and different theoretical concepts that you will going to use, compare and contrast in regards with the method of relating the practical aspects with TDR

3. It is written around an argument which critically discuses and considers the Selected TDR related to these theories.

a. You have to provide an overview of how tourism has developed in your TDR (link Topic 5)

b. You have to identify and explain different factors that makes TDR attractive (relate to Topic 4& 8)

c. You have to identify and explain the markets of main visitor that can visit TDR (use stats)

d. You can identify and explain the role of particular hospitality and tourism industry in your TDR (Topic 9) it should be relevant to your degree.

e. You have to explain if the principles of sustainable tourism are evident within your TDR (relate Topic 6 & 7)

f. You have to make out the conclusion on an overview based on the main findings of TDR

4. Make your aim that contains minimum 10 references

a. Mention minimum 5 tourism academic reference sources or specific references based on your TDR.

b. Additionally, the textbook and at least 2 Readings are mandatory references.

Note – 5 marks will be deducted if the textbook and 2 units Readings are not included

There are certain unit topics on which the assessment should be based that includes Study of tourism, History of tourism, Whole tourism systems, People as tourists, Places in tourists' itineraries, Tourism environments, Sustainable tourism, Tourist attractions, Tourism industries and organizations and Tourism patterns and trends

Marking criteria

In this assignment, marking criteria is like:

1. Content of the essay (20 marks)

2. Structure (10 marks)

3. Relevancy of academic references contains 10 marks.

Note– There will be minimum of 5 academic references for a fair that does not include readings or textbooks or5 marks will be deducted if the textbook and a minimum of 2 unit Readings are not included relevantly and contextually.

Referencing and Reflection contains 10 Marks where 4marks are given for both correct referencing within body of essay and Correct referencing style for reference list and 2 marks is given for Reflection and Turn-it-in Report

There are 5 grades for each element that is based on following criteria:

1. Poor:It is considered as below standard or is completely unacceptable

2. Fair –It is marked as borderline that shows signs of effort but can be improved dramatically

3. Good –It is satisfactory work that addresses criteria

4. V.Good –It is marked as high standard of coherence and clarity

5. Excellent –It is served as error free and very appropriate

Challenges that students might face

InSOY00411-2017-3 Tourism Theories and Practices, students may face many challenges like finding the journal, applications of tourism theories or the concept of sustainable tourism. It is very significant to keep momentum to achieve better grades in your exams for this assignment. OZ Assignments provide necessary academic guidance and tutorial help to resolve student queries. Get feedback amendment without any additional cost.

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