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SIT203 Web Programming Proof Reading and paper Editing Services

This assignment explains about writing, markup and coding involved in Web development, which includes Web content, Web client and server scripting and network security.

Assessment 2

Task 1

This assessment has 50% value

Students have to apply all web technologies they have learnt from the practical and lectures to make the assignment fully functional. These web technologies can be DOM, XML, Ajax, PHP, Oracle, etc.

1. Students have to validate the checkout from by using Ajax and PHP on the side of server. User's input is validated on the fly. Appropriate information is displayed, if any error is found.

xml filesa. Students should check all the required fields to make it complete. Data entered must be checked for the corrections. For instance, buyer contact details (name, phone number, email address, etc.), delivery address (unit number/street name, city, postal code, etc.), are fields expected in the checkout form to be validated.

b. It is recommended to use regular expression for pattern matching in PHP.

c. Students have to decide what validation is required and how the validation is performed. For example,

i. The fields required must be checked for completion

ii. The fields must be checked for a numeric data, specific length or a predetermined format.

iii. The messages provided will help the user to fix the 'problem'

2. Students have to develop the system which responds to the forms for accessing different products and services like XML files, generating contents, querying your oracle database and adding information to the database. It is important to enable your PHP code with:

a. Search suggestions: a suggest/autocomplete box similar to Google Suggest, where a user gets suggested products/services while typing in the search form.

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b. Search function: thesearch formresponds to user's input with retrieved information from the side of server and uses xml or database. Whenever user will click on "search" button, a search result page starts loading. If a product link is clicked from result page or suggestion list, then the user will led to the detailed page of the product where they can add the product to the shopping cart.

c. Shopping cart: Under this, users can place their items in the shopping cart and calculates the total amount ordered that includes handling and shipping charges of packing and posting along with the associated taxes that is applicable upon the checkout. After checkout, data from the completed form will be inserted into the relevant table. A receipt page will confirm the order to display it or in the event of an error, an appropriate message of the error should be shown to the user.

Online shopping cart3. To implement the "login" and "register" function on your website, it is important to follow the under mentioned procedure:

a. After the order confirmation, when a new user makes an order, a new account/username and a temporary password will be created automatically. The personal details of the users will be saved automatically in the database under the already created username/account.

b. Once logged on, on "my account" page, a user can easily change the password and edit their personal details.

c. Once logged on, the registered name of the users must be displayed at a proper location on the pages accordingly.

d. When a logged on user makes an order, the shipping details in the checkout form can be auto-filled directly with the information collected on "my account" page. The details should be editable.


There are certain requirements to be fulfilled in this assignment, they are as follows:

1. Structured and well developed PHP code– Students have to write functions for the common tasks to re-use code. This code should be properly and clearly intended. And use meaningful variable names and should be free of errors.

2. Well documented code– Consistent and appropriate comments should be placed throughout the code. The comments should be sufficiently detailed and allow an assessor to understand what it is doing without having to spend too much time on your code.

Challenges students might face

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