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SIT202 Computer Networks Paper Editing Services

This assessment explains about the interconnection of various devices known as hosts. They are connected by using multiple paths for the purpose of receiving and sending data or media.

Assessment 1

Task 1

This assignment contains 30 marks

Q1. A. Questions

The World Wide Web was designed by considering it as a stateless entity. With time, it was identified as a stateful relationship between a web server or web client and provides benefit in different ways including collecting web behavior of web users, e-commerce, etc. for this purpose, the cookie mechanism was introduced. The following diagram will demonstrate the use of a cookie. Students have to explain each of the six steps indicated in the following diagram for using the cookie inonline shopping or marketing. (9 marks) (Overall explanations)

overall explanationB. Consider a scenario where an advertising company pays fees to the University for including banner ads in their web site, i.e., an image presenting an advertisement of a product from a manufacturer which is linked to the manufacturer’s web server. University receives payment from the advertising company based on the number of visits by its users to the manufacturer’s web site. The advertising company gets payment from the manufacturer based on the number of times the advertisement is displayed. Prepare a diagram illustrating how the cookie is used when retrieving a web page of the university containing an advertisement and then tracking the users of university web site visiting the manufacturer’s web site by clicking on an advertisement. Explain the steps in your diagram. (8 Marks) (Overall explanation and diagram)

Q2. In the following diagram, a web client is communicating with a web server which opens a TCP connection at client’s end. The client is using an initial sequence number (ISN) 2048 with a port of 51000 and receiving window size of 2000. In response, server also opens a TCP connection with ISN 21732 and receiving window size of 4000, port 80. After connection establishment, client sends two data segments each of size 500 bytes. Then server responds in a single segment with 1000 bytes. Then client closes the connection, in response server also closes the connection.

question 2Show all TCP segments during connection establishment, data transfer and connection termination between client and server (no segments are corrupted/dropped in the exchange). For each segment, write header information which should include port number, sequence number, acknowledgement number, values of all bits in the control field, window sizes and ranges of data bytes in the data section (as appropriate for the segment type). Each segment needs to be placed in a separate table. First row in the table should mention the label of segment based on their type and direction clearly client to server or vice versa. All tables should have a number at the beginning (on top of the table) which indicates the order they are sent by either the client or the server. (13 Marks)

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