SEB725 Engineering EntrepreneurshipEditing and Proof Reading Services

SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Assignment Help

SEB725 Engineering EntrepreneurshipEditing and Proof Reading Services

This assessment is for the students who are pursuing the course of SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship and need to prepare projects.

Here you will learn about management of Engineering Entrepreneurship, evaluate and analyze intellectual property requirements linked with commercial innovation and assess information using analytical and critical thinking and judgment.

This assessment is based on an intellectual property right in Engineering Entrepreneurship. In this assignment, you will be given a case study that asks you independently to make an application for the intellectual property in Engineering Entrepreneurship.  

This assignment has the 30% of the Unit’s grade in which you will be given a research paper that will have the value of 30%, a report of which also of 30%, presentation and report (group) of 40% marks.

To pass in this unit students must get minimum 50% marks in the presentation and report (group).

Learning outcomes

After completing this assignment, you will be able to reveal improvement towards achieving these learning outcomes:

Management of engineering entrepreneurship:this course simulates the formation of a high technology start-up firm by taking students through the procedure from idea to venture to fund. Students will understand, investigate, and implement the elements and principles of entrepreneurship through various assignments and projects.

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Analyse and evaluate intellectual property requirements associated with commercial innovation:intellectual property rights to serve to protect the highly risky and often large investments of creative and innovative companies against latent imitators. Students have to evaluate and examine requirements of intellectual property linked with commercial innovation.

Evaluating information using critical and analytical thinking and judgment:in this assignment, students have to assess information of intellectual property using their analytical thinking and decision.

The students are advised to review other unit and graduate learning outcomes which will help to increase the quality of their task and final results.   

This assignment is an individual submission. Students have to upload their assignments according to their university’s guidelines.

Students are required to prepare high-quality assignments according to given guidelines to secure best grades in their academic career.

You required submitting one .pdf file addressing all the necessary points.

Guidelines of the Assessment Criteria:to get higher grades in your exams, you should follow all guidelines provided in the assignment. Your professors except for a report that replicates your critical analysis of the intellectual property issues, not a copy and pastes literature review.

Referencing and Citations: to make a professional report always mention relevant citations because the reader will look for the occurrence of an appropriate source. Citations and References demonstrate the depth and range of your research. Site these appropriately in-text and list them in a reference section by using an accepted style of referencing like Harvard, APA, or IEEE.

It is very important to be professional when you are writing an assignment. Collusion and Plagiarism are considered academic offences. These are forms of cheating and penalties are linked with them, containing cancellation of marks for a particular assignment.  

There are various online and in-person resources available from the library to help you with referencing skills, assignments writing and with avoiding plagiarism. This will help you to make an impressive project.