Science 3329 Water and the west Course Proof Reading Services

Science 3329 Water west Course Assignment

Science 3329 Water and the west Course Proof Reading Services

Course Summary

The course examines the scientific, legal, environmental, and economic issues surrounding the use of surface and ground water in the arid southwestern U.S.- particularly California - in an objective and scientific manner. The first half of the course provides the technical and scientific background required to understand water issues. The second half examines representative historical and present day case studies regarding the use of surface and ground water in the southwestern U.S.
The course will be offered entirely online through Blackboard.

The regular “face-to-face” lecture class consists of five hours of lecture per week. To do well in the class, you should plan on at least this much time to study online class materials and read the respective sections in the textbooks, plus additional time for assignments and studying for the exam. Each week will have two content modules, equivalent to two 1.25-hour lectures.

“The General Education Program at CSU, Bakersfield, provides a liberal arts education that builds a vibrant learning community connecting faculty and students across the university. It promotes student success by structuring educational activities that purposefully contextualize, reinforce and integrate knowledge. Students have opportunities throughout the curriculum to reflect upon and apply what they learn through a variety of high-impact practices. The new program continues to provide disciplinary breadth through courses in the Natural Sciences (Area B), the Arts and Humanities (Area C), and the Social Sciences (Area D) but adds the following new dimensions.”This class qualifies as a “Theme R: Revolutionary Ideas and Innovations” experience. The course is intended primarily for non-science majors and does not count towards the BS Geology.


This course is open to students who have completed all lower division physical-science general education requirements.


Three will be three main types of assignments, (1) problems sets in the first half of the class, (2) summaries of news reports throughout the class, and (3) multiple choice questions corresponding to videos and/or articles. Assignments are due on the date indicated on the assignment sheet, generally one week after they have been assigned. All assignments help (unless specified otherwise) have to be submitted. If you have not done so for other classes, you will need to create an account in Once you have an account you can access the class and submit completed assignments. The class ID is 14514623 and the enrollment password is ocean (case sensitive).

The writing assignments will fulfill the writing requirement that is part of all upper division general education classes. Therefore, there will not be a separate term paper. Assignments are due at 11:59pm on the date indicated to This is a very large class and late assignments will not be accepted.


The Midterms and Final Exam will be entirely online within Blackboard. You must arrange for internet access (including Blackboard) for 1-2 hours. You can use on-campus or off-campus computers. DO NOT USE A TABLET as these do not always work well with Blackboard.
The midterm will cover the first half of the class. The final is cumulative. However, the final will mostly be based on the second half of class.