Resilience for Health Care Consumers and Proof Reading Services

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Resilience for Health Care Consumers and Proof Reading Services

This assessment is a formal academic essay – and includes an introduction, body, conclusion and reference list. All in-text citations must have a corresponding entry in the reference list. You need to use APA 
You should submit your draft to Turnitin well in advance of the due date (ideally, several days before) to ensure that you get your Turnitin originality report and have time to work on any issues identified by Turnitin.

Elements and Weighting



Focus and Introductory Statement

10 marks

There is a clear introduction that outlines the topic, and profiles the scope, content and the sequence of the essay topic.


5 marks

The content in the essay matches the outline presented in the introductory paragraph. Most paragraphs are organised in a logical manner so that content flows from one paragraph to the next, and the essay ends with a rational conclusion.

Closing paragraph/ Conclusion

10 mark

There is a concluding paragraph which restates the topic, provides a summary of all of the key points, and presents an overall conclusion.

Content, Evidence and Examples

40 marks

A discussion is presented that explores the topic from multiple perspectives and presents a series of logical arguments, The content is relevant to the topic being discussed. Appropriate evidence and examples are presented.

Sources and Referencing

5 marks

Credible and relevant references are used. Accurate use of APA referencing style on most occasions. There is limited use of a range of in-text citation formats.

Audience Awareness

2 marks

The language is appropriate for the target audience, and suits the purpose for which the essay is intended.

Sentence and Paragraph Structure/ Intelligibility

4 marks

The writing is organised into paragraphs, and the information is mostly organised appropriately within the paragraph. Most paragraphs relates to a discrete idea. There are clear linking sentences that link most paragraphs to the next. Accurate use of APA formatting style used.

Mechanics – Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

4 marks

There are minimal errors with grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the meaning is easily discernible.