Research Regulatory Requirements Editing and Paper Editing Services

Research Regulatory Requirements Assignment Brief

Research Regulatory Requirements Editing and Paper Editing Services

This research regulatory requirements assignment brief is related to research case study of hospitality business

Assessment 2

Project B

You are to provide a detailed report that outlines all the steps involved in setting up a hospitality business in the local city. This should include:

  • Company Name & ABN
  • Building regulations
  • Planning permits
  • Third party insurance if required
  • Health & Safety regulations
  • liquor License regulations
  • GST registration
  • Taxation requirements (Especially when employing staff)
  • legal advice required
  • Any compliance needs for the business
  • The risks, penalties and consequences of non-compliance
  • specialist advice / specialists required

For each step you should:

  • Detail all costs involved
  • Complete the required application forms
  • Any information about the requirement that should be noted.

You may need to contact the local council and various State Government Departments for this task.

Your report will be required to be presented professionally. and include all relevant Government paperwork (application forms outlines) in the appendix

You are to develop a detailed policy and procedure that creates a workplace system to ensure compliance with you new business legal requirements. This system should include:

  • A way to monitor compliance
  • Internal audits as appropriate
  • Staff training process
  • Dissemination of information process
  • Contingency plans for compliance breaches
  • Mapping to workplace planning and operations
  • Implementation procedures

This system is required to be presented professionally and include all relevant forms and checklists in the appendix

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