Research Proposal Project Editing and Paper Editing Services

Research Proposal Project Assignment Brief

Research Proposal Project Editing and Paper Editing Services

This research proposal project assignment brief given that develop by students own research proposal of a subject of research interest with in the allied health sector.

Assessment 2

Research proposal project

In which students develop their own research proposal of a subject of research interest within the allied health sector. The research proposal should.
Indicate a literature review with 2 studies on the subject of research proposal

  • Describe the nature of the proposed research
  • Describe the research hypothesis
  • Identify the research approach
  • Describe the methods of data collection and analysis
  • Identify any potential ethical or ‘political’ difficulties associated with the research.
  • Students should discuss and confirm the nature of their proposed research proposal with the subject coordinator before the end of week four.
  • Approximate word length 2,000 words. Assignment to be submitted through Turn tin.

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