Research Proposal Proof Reading Services and Paper Editing Services

Research Proposal Assignment Brief

Research Proposal Proof Reading Services and Paper Editing Services

This research proposal assignment brief is related writing a essay on industry project that describe the area of investigation, project aims.


You are to write a formal proposal (word count 1,000 - 1,500 not including cover sheet or list of references) for your industry project. The proposal includes a brief description of the area of investigation, project aims, and how you plan to undertake what you have just described

Project Proposal Guideline

Introduction and Background (word count guideline – 100 to 150)

  • Introduction which gives an outline of the rest of this proposal
  • Background information about the project

Project Aims (word count guideline – 100 to 150

  • Description of the project aims – what do you intend to achieve with this project?

Literature / Situation Analysis (word count guideline – 500 to 800)

  • An overview of an existing literature related to the project aims (more than five relevant and current references are required). Or
  • A situation analysis including clear evaluation of organization's internal and external environment to understand the organization's capabilities, customers, and business environment development.

Project approaches (word count guideline – 200 to 250)

  • Discussion and justification of the project and/or problem solving approaches you plan to use
  • Discussion of ethical considerations

Project Management (word count guideline – 100 to 150)

  • A feasible, realistic, and clear project schedule to guide your proposed project showing milestones or progress dates and the completion date in a clear format such as a Gantt chart or a table
  • Resources (realistic and fair) required to complete the project

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