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Assessment Tasks

In this Research Essay Assignment: Choose and Answer One of the Five Essay Questions Below (or Two, if you have exemption from doing the Compulsory Essay Assignment 2).

Research Essay A: What is ‘power’, and what is ‘authority’ in your view, and how do these two concepts relate to one another in decision making contexts - in what ways do they overlap, and/or differ from one another? Carefully explain and justify any claims that you make in support of your point of view.

Research Essay B: What is your understanding of the relationship between prescriptive and descriptive approaches to analysing and understanding decision making? Where do you stand in relation to these approaches with respect to explaining and understanding the nature of decisions and how they get made? What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of these research approaches? Is one approach better than another, in your view? In formulating your response, justify carefully why you adopt or hold the views that you do.

Research Essay C: There is no such thing as a rational decision. Discuss this assertion, and carefully justify the arguments and claims that you make in response to it.

Research Essay D: How has what you have learned about decision making influenced your thoughts about the nature of power and authority and matters of organizational governance? What implications does your understanding have for organizational arrangements, and how you think organisations should be run and managed? In articulating your response, carefully justify and support with argument and/or evidence the assertions and claims that you make in support of your understanding.

Research Essay E: If you were a consultant and were asked to offer advice to an organization about how they could enhance or improve the quality of their decision making, what would you suggest they need to think about in this respect, and what strategies might you suggest they consider, and why? In particular, what evaluative or diagnostic criteria would you identify for the purpose or assessment, and given certain problems that might arise, what ameliorative initiatives would you recommend? Carefully explain and justify the advice that you would give.