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RASE1130 Academic and Personal Development Assignment

RASE1130 Academic and Personal Development Editing Services

Part 2 Essay

Structure of the Essay:


The word limit of this assignment introduction is 150 words. You do not use up too many of your words for this part of the assignment.

Main body of the assignment

The word limit of this assignment main body is approximately 1450 words.

Briefly summaries an article relevant to your degree program

In summarizing the article avoid copying out large amounts of text from the article. Write it as if you are explaining it to someone else – in your own words.

1. What type of study was it? A qualitative study, quantitative study, mixed methods, review of the literature – can you tell?

2. What did the study or research article aim to do?

3. What type of research methods did they use: interviews, observations, questionnaires? Did they use research methods?

4. What was the sample like? Who took part and how many of them? Was there a sample?

5. What were the main findings of the study?

6. What were the limitations of the study or research article?

7. How do you think the research or study could have been improved?

Demonstrate relevance of article to your future role and professional practice

You then need to discuss the relevance of the article to your future role as a

Professional or Practitioner. Why is it relevant? You could also talk about why you chose that article - did the topic interest you and have you come across it in practice before. How did the article improve your knowledge of the topic? Did it make you think differently about the topic? Do you think the article was good evidence – why do you think that?

Demonstrate how the student has used academic skills in reviewing the article and the oral group presentation

Here, using a reflective model as a guide, you need to reflect on how you used your academic skills taught on the course in undertaking the assignment which includes both the review of the article and the oral group presentation.

1. What academic skills did you use in reviewing these papers and carrying out the presentation? Critical appraisal, searching the library, using search terms, communication, group work, using power-point, reflecting.

2. What will you do differently next time

3. What academic skills do you still need to develop as you progress through the programme?

Writing the conclusion

Write the conclusion Approximately 150 words. Just as your introduction is the first impression your reader will have of your writing, your conclusion is the last. A good conclusion will show that you have successfully answered the question or completed the task set.


You have to make an appropriate reference list.

Challenges face by students

In completing this assessment, student face off many different problems such as lack of writing skills, making references, properly understanding the assignment etc. We have experts in every recommended subject by top universities. Students can take help and guidance of our technical experts to make a high-quality assignment.