PRS304 Individual Academic Proofreading and Paper Editing service

PRS304 Individual Assignment Instruction

PRS304 Individual Academic Proofreading and Paper Editing service

Developing a corporate communication tool

In this assignment, students will be given with topics to choose from. Further, they are needed to create a webpage, booklet or newsletter for an organization of their choice. It is also needed that students demonstrate the rationale behind selected methods. All the communication tools can be developed with the use of Microsoft Word. Other software also can be used if available.


 You need to produce one of the below-mentioned communication tools in electronic format.

1. A 4-page color brochure

2. A website with a navigation, home page, and minimum three other pages.

3. A 4-page color newsletter

Part 1

Write a one-page rationale for their chosen tool. Include detailed information on the following:

1. Purpose
2. Name
3. Target audience
4. Plan for the development, approval and production procedure
5. Basis for choosing this communication tool
6. Reorganization of the people and resources needed to produce this communication tool.
7. Planned distribution method and promotion actions for this communication tool

Part 2

A 4-page color newsletter (Include: an introduction, at least 4 images, at least 4 articles/news releases, and name/masthead, a logo, contact details)


A 4-page colour brochure (Include:, at least 4 articles/news releases, a cover page,  at least 4 images, a logo, and headline, contact details)


A website with a. A 4-page colour newsletter (Include: home page, navigation and at least three other pages, an, at least 4 articles, about us, at least 4 images, contact us details, a logo, legal information)

Finished Format

Remember to proofread your communication tool, caption all images and include working links of doing the webpage.

Marking Guide


10 marks


10 marks


20 marks

Quality control and proofreading

10 marks


50 marks



Various challenges students may face while completing this assessment:

Students may face several problems while attempting this assessment such as complex process, making a presentation, appropriate references, etc. by taking help and guidance in their assessments from our experienced and professional experts, students can achieve best grades and excel their academic career.