PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management Editing Services

PROJ6000 Principles Project Management Assignment

PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management Editing Services


For this assessment, you examine project management from a project initiation and selection perspective and describe different methods of selecting projects. You also consider the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide’s life cycle stages and processes. More specifically, you explore project selection and statements of work.

Part A – Statement of Work 

To begin, select a project management environment or case study that you can reference throughout this assessment.
To do this, identify an organisation and a project with which you are familiar. This may be a project you have worked on for a current or previous employer, a project you have been a part of as a volunteer, or even a project and environment you have observed closely. The project should be simple in scope and short in duration.

As you have discovered in your learning resources, a Statement of Work (SOW) is often used to capture the basic description of a project. Using the template provided, create a SOW for the development of a business case for your chosen project.
Describe how this is different to the SOW for the project itself and where within the PMBOK the SOW and Business Cases are used for project initiation.

Part B – Project Selection 

Describe methods of project selection within organisations and impacts on Business Case for a project.
Your assessment should contain 1000–1200 words.

High Distinction

  • Consistently demonstrates a systematic and critical understanding of context and purpose of the assignment.
  • Demonstrates use of high- quality, credible and relevant resources to support and develop arguments and position statements. Shows evidence of wide scope within and without the organisation for sourcing evidence. there are no mistakes in the APA style.
  • Expertly presented; the presentation is logical, persuasive, and well supported by evidence, demonstrating a clear flow of ideas and arguments.
  • Engages and sustains audience’s interest in the topic, demonstrates high levels of cultural sensitivity
  • Effective use of diverse presentation aids, including graphics and multi-media.
  • A sophisticated understanding of the field or discipline/s (business case and the differing uses of a SoW).
  • Systematically and critically discriminates between assertion of personal opinion and information substantiated by robust evidence from the research/course materials and extended reading.
  • Mastery of concepts and application to new situations/further learning.