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Preoperative Nursing Elective Assignment Question

Preoperative Nursing Elective Editing Services

Choose one topic only

Topic one

The technical preoperative environment may be challenging for the nurse as well as the patient and patients are vulnerable for many reasons. In a recent article, Causley discusses patient vulnerability in the Operating Room and comments as follows:

We conclude that the concept of preoperative vulnerability exists in practice and that preoperative practitioners manage the concept effectively using strategies that promote positive outcomes (2015 p.246).

The Task

Discuss the concept of patient vulnerability in the operating room. Identify the key factors that put patients at risk and the positive strategies that nurses use to reduce vulnerability and risk in preoperative settings in Australia.
Ref: Causley, A., 2015. Vulnerability in preoperative patients: a qualitative study. Journal of Preoperative Practice. December, Vol 25(12), pp 246-254.


Topic two

Hypothermia is a major preventable issue for patients having surgical intervention that leads to poor patient outcomes. The findings of a recent Cochrane Review found that:

…the intervention of active warming has a statistically significant effect in reduction of time to achieve normothermia and reduce shivering (2016, p159).

The Task

Discuss the patient assessment required and the nursing responsibilities for the prevention of hypothermia in each of the preoperative phases.

Ref: du Plisses, M. 2016. Cochrane Review. Journal of Preoperative Practice. July / August, Vol 26(7 & 8), pp 158-159.

Further information related to the assessment

This is an academic essay and needs to be presented with an introduction, linked paragraphs and a conclusion. It should be written in the 3rd person.
Your essay needs to include accurate and systematic APA in-text and end of text referencing. Refer to a wide range of academic sources.
You should have at least 6 references. The essay needs to be structured with: line spacing of at least 1.5; size 12 font; and side margins of at least 1cm.

Papers will be examined by assessing whether the student has addressed the question directly, engaged in critical analysis of the issues that has been well supported by the relevant literature and has organized and presented the assignment in a suitable manner.
Essays must include page numbers. Dot points are not acceptable.

The title page must identify which Topic has been chosen, the total word count and student number.
Students must submit their assessments on or before the due date and time. Five percent (5%) of the total marks for this assignment will be deducted for each day the assignment is late.
Students must review their Turnitin to ensure academic standards are met and plagiarism is avoided.
A further 5% of the total marks will be deducted for every 10% of words either above or below the limit of 2000 words.

Submission procedure

You are required to submit your assignment online in Turnitin.
It is a requirement that students make and keep a full copy of all work submitted for assessment. All assignment documents should be a word document (with.doc format).
Students should refer to Victoria University assessment policies as required.