PPMP20007 Project Management Systems Paper Editing Services

PPMP20007 Project Management Systems

PPMP20007 Project Management Systems Paper Editing Services

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This assessment is aimed at providing students an introduction to the key features of present-day management practices inside an organization.

Total weight of this assessment is 40% in total and has 30 marks.

This Assessment has three parts. In this assessment, you will provide a case study. You are a project manager in Synthesis Informatics. Students will find an actual case study in their assignments. We provide this case study for reference purpose only.

Part A – Developing the schedule

To complete this assessment, students must complete the following questions and tasks. Read all the questions carefully before you start the task.

Q1. Use Microsoft Project 2013/2016 to develop the project schedule according to the instructions below:

Include the following in your schedule:

Project information (start date, Author etc.) and Holidays listed in ‘General Information’.

a. A project title of “The MDC Project”. This is also to appear as the overall project summary at the top of your “WBS” in the mpp file. It must appear as task 0 with WBS number 0. All tasks should be “indented” according to the WBS structure described in the case study (see Table 1).
b. A WBS column before the “Task Name” column and a WBS Predecessors column after the “Task Name”
c. The milestones are to appear at the starting of the task list in your schedule.
d. Use a “customised WBS code” for the milestones.
e. Resource allocation details
f. The critical path automatically displayed in red on the bars of the Gantt chart view of your schedule.

Q2. At this point ignore any resource over allocations. Copy your PartAQ1.mpp schedule to PartAQ2.mpp.

a. Ms. Horsell asks you to allow all three SE to task “2.10 User Interface developments & 2.11 Database developments”. Assume that with the additional resources the task still requires “6 person-weeks” (i.e. that there will be a reduction in duration as the work can be divided equally between the two resources). Highlight your changes on PartAQ2.mpp file.
b. Save PartAQ2.mpp.

Q3.Copy your PartAQ2.mpp schedule to PartAQ3_resources.mpp. If your schedule has any resource over-allocation issues resolve these in the PartAQ3_resources.mpp file without adding any additional resources. For this assignment, do not “split tasks” and do not allow levelling to “adjust individual assignments on a task”.

Save this “modified” version of the PartAQ3_resources.mpp file. You will be required to submit PartAQ3_resources.mpp file as part of your assignment submission.

a. Define how you resolve any resource over-allocation issues.
b. Does the fact that, your project is resource-constrained; has any effect on your whole project duration and due date? Describe the changes you notice and give reasons.  

Q4. Write a memo (use the Memo template provided on Moodle) to Ms. Horsell providing the following information:

a. The expected completion date for the project
b. An explanation of the main factors that cause the project to require that length of time and any recommendations that you might make to reduce the duration if time was a priority for the project;
c. The estimated direct labor costs for each of the resource types working on the project.

Q5. Describe at least one strategy that you need to adapt to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Part B – Modifying the schedule

Based on the provided information complete the following tasks:

Q1. Copy your PartAQ3_resources.mpp file into a file called PartB.mpp file.

In your, PartB.mpp make the changes in the order given above and as you make each change note the impact relative to the “current status” (i.e. the status after the previous change) it has on the:

Overall project duration
End date
Direct labor costs for the project

Q2. Describe the impact of each of these changes on the project duration in a table similar to the following:

If the combination of changes have had an additional impact that would not have occurred if a change was made in isolation you should also discuss this in your answer to this question.

Q3. Describe the impact of each of these changes on the direct labor costs for the project in a table similar to the following:

Part C – Tracking Progress

In this assessment, you are to assume that your project is underway and that it is time to make your regular status reports.

Q1. Copy PartB.mpp to PartC.mpp. Save the baseline for this version of your project in PartC.mpp.

Q2. Assume that it is now 25th May 2018 and that you have data about when tasks actually started, their duration. Assume that you have also collected data about the estimated remaining duration for all the tasks that have commenced (but not yet finished). If a task has been 100% completed assume that you know the actual start date and actual finish date.

In your Part C.mpp file (in which you have saved a baseline)

a. Set the status date to 25th May 2018 and include a solid, purple status date gridline in your project to ensure that the status date is clearly visible in your Gantt Charts. View the Tracking Gantt chart.
b. Enter some status data.

Challenges to complete this assessment

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