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People Leadership Organization Assignment Brief

People Leadership and Organization Proof Reading Services

This assignment is based on leadership and orgenizational assignment in which discuss the confronted and handled the situation in your work and outside work.

Assessment 1

Individual Learning Review

Your task is to select 2 skills from an incident in your work experience or experience outside work; to describe how you confronted and handled the situation to reflect on this event; to analyse and assess the effectiveness of the managerial skills in terms of the concepts you have covered in the course; and to consider ways of acting more effectively in the future. It is advisable that you consider 2 specific leadership among managerial skills that you have studied in this course that need improvement.

The following are examples of possible managerial incidents (these are only examples):

  • miscommunication between you and a colleague
  • poor delegation of work load for your team members
  • inability to identify the problems or issues in an incident
  • managed individual differences poorly
  • inability to provide clear change strategies for other team members
  • inability to apply cross-cultural concepts to manage others

Write in essay style including an introduction, main body, and a conclusion.

  • The main body should consist of 4 main headings using Kolb's Experimental Learning Cycle:
  • Concrete Experience
  • Reflective Observation
  • Abstract Conceptualisation. Create concepts that integrate your observations into logically sound theories
  • Active Experimentation - Your Improvement Plan
  • Discuss the obstacles and resources that are likely to occur (e.g. lack of time, lack of resources for training, lack of confidence etc.) and how they can be overcome.
  • Provide a time frame to improve the gap in the skill/skills
  • Word count: 1500 +/- 10% includes includes in-text referencing but does not include introduction, conclusion and reference list.
  • Provide a minimum of 10 references to show that you have read widely and understand the concepts and skills used. In-text referencing is essential. Use the Harvard UniSA style of referencing.