Peacekeeping Case study Essay Writing

Peacekeeping Case study Essay Writing

Peacekeeping Case study Essay Writing

Assessment details 

You will now see the requirements for the first assignment, which is due to be submitted in Week 3. The key to this Peacekeeping Case study Essay Writing assignment is to identify weaknesses in the UN. While many of the weaknesses are apparent from the events in Syria over the past four years, Syria is not the topic, although it can be used as a vehicle to make your case.  If you prefer to be more wide ranging in your analysis that is perfectly fine. Regardless remember you are writing this essay for me.I have an excellent level of knowledge about this topic.  Consequently, you do not need to provide me with any background information. I know what it is. That means you can cut to the nub of the topic and focus on analysis not descriptions.  A successful essay will follow the guidance in the marking matrix and will contain a clear introduction (including the aim), which outlines the structure of the essay and conclusions which will be derived; a main body, which follows the structure defined in the introduction; and, conclusion, which draws the paper together and does not introduce new material.  The paper needs to be well referenced, follows the guide for laying out footnotes, uses your own words and sits inside the word limit prescribed.


It has been argued that the Security Council needs to be reformed. Analyse no more than three major arguments in favour of reform and evaluate the likelihood of their implementation.

Length: 1250 words, excluding Oxford-style footnotes, title page and bibliography.

The assessment criteria are outlined in the introductory research essay help marking template on iLearn and detailed in Grademark. The assignment is only to be submitted by posting it to Grademark through the Unit iLearn site. This means that it will be subject to checking for originality by ‘Turnitin’.

Use the Oxford referencing system for your sources. A guide is at  and also on the Unit iLearn site. Reference footnotes should be at the bottom of each page. You are also required to list all of the references in the bibliography at the end of the essay.   

Marks may be deducted if the number of words in the essay exceeds 10% of the designated word length.