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OZCST MAT10251 Statistical Analysis Paper Editing Services

Statistical tools to model and analyze real-world situations and data are developed, enabling students to enhance their decision-making skills. In achieving this assessment grade all assessment tasks must be undertaken and a minimum score of 50% in total unit marks obtained. This assessment has two tasks.

Task 1


This is an individual assessment. The weight of this task is 10%. The long duration of this assessment is 180 minutes.  Each test will be value a maximum of 2.5% of the whole assessment. These tests may account for 10% of your overall assessment. During the session, four online test should be completed.

Online Test


Topic 1 and 2


Topic 3 to 5


Topic 6 and 7


Topic 8 to 10


These tests will contain 10 multiple choices and or calculated numeric questions. In this task, two attempts are allowed for each test with a maximum time of 45 minutes. For each test, you will receive the maximum mark of your two attempts.

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Task 2


This is an individual assessment. A statistical project, including of a written response and supporting statistical working, is to be summited in 3 parts during the study period. The weight of this project is 40%.

In this project, you will be expected to show that you can use excel, or statistical package, to efficiently perform the statistical calculation needed as well as producing a written response which shows understanding of how to interpret the results obtained.

Challenges students may face

Students face off various problems in completing this assessment such as understanding the complex problems of making references, lack of writing skills, making report etc. Students can take help and guidance from our experts and get better grades in their assessments.