B010GBH201 Organizational Behavior Editing and Proof Reading Services

Organizational Behavior Assignment Brief

B010GBH201 Organizational Behavior Editing and Proof Reading Services

Assessment Description:

Write an argumentative essay on one of the topics below:

Choose one of the following topics:

(a) Job design only benefits employers through increased job performance; it has no benefits for workers. Or
(b) In terms of motivation money satisfies all employee needs. Or
(c) Emotions have no place in the workplace – managers should ignore them in trying to influence individual behaviour.

Your essay must include:

  • At least five reference sources including the text book, none of which are internet sources, e.g. websites.
  • Correct argumentative essay structure. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Essay Writing and Dwyer, J 2013 Communication for Business and the Professions, Strategies and Skills, 5th ed., Pearson Education, Australia pp. 627-630.
  • Harvard referencing for any sources you use. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills analysis handout on Referencing
  • Moral argumentative essay structure. That suggests the academic group assignment help.
  • Define the concerns essay specification description and information how you explore.
  • Topic sentence must be effective and argument able and sentence tells about the paragraph and give effective information by the given topic to public
  • Those topic you choose make fact and definable to perfect and show the source of information.

Students can take one specific word for considering the fact that relate to something and it should be in logical and easy to understand and conclusion format. this assignment make helpful to student to grow the technical writing skills .


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