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Operations general management Assignment

Operations and general management Proof Reading Services

Assignment Description


The purpose of Operations and general management Assignment is Identify a key operations issue in an organisation that you are working for, have worked for in the past or with which you have had some involvement. If you haven't experienced a significant operations issue in an organisation before, you can review the literature to identify a key contemporary operational issue, such as the impact of global supply chains on operations. In no more than 1500 words, prepare a detailed assessment of the nature of the problem, the impacts and the principal causes. Present this as a management challenges, however, because of world limits, you may omit the exec summary, but you should include an introduction and conclusion.


Management report – should include:

  • Introduction, very brief introduction to the industry and the problem
  • Description of the circumstances, the likely causes and the impacts. You can draw on the literature (especially if you are basing this on a contemporary issue, rather than one with which you have had experience) to quantify the importance of this and dealing with it. Industry evidence is often a good way to prepare a case for the importance of a problem such as the cost of inventory management.
  • Analysis of the situation and its causes - extending this past the description in your previous section a considering how it works and the relationships you are able to identify
  • Recommendations for how this could be dealt with. Again, or upon literature to support your arguments and give them greater strength rather than providing a list of unsubstantiated possibilities for improvement.
  • Conclusion. This should consider your recommendations in the context you introduced in the first two sections to show how this appropriate and responsive to those conditions (e.g. an industry turndown would not support an expensive solution)
  • Appendices – make these brief. If you don’t need to refer to them directly to support your case (such as a graph of industry performance), don’t include them.

Please follow these guidelines of presentation:

  • ·  All assignments should be typed, using double spacing.
  • ·  leave a suitable margin for comments, (e.g. 3-4 cm).
  • ·  Number each page in the form “Page 2 of 7”.
  • ·  Include a bibliography