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NZ HRM Assignment Brief

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Learning outcomes assessed

This assessment covers the topics relating to the following learning outcomes of the course:

  1. Analyse the interrelationship between human resource management, organisations and their environment.
  2. Evaluate and develop job documentation, recruitment and selection tools for an organisation.

This assessment represents 40% of the total Human Resource Management course. The pass mark for the whole course is 50%.


Select a start-up business of your choice and evaluate the human resource requirements of either the whole company or a particular department. The chosen start-up business must be based in New Zealand Analyse the demographics of the existing labour force of your chosen company and identify the gaps between the skills and abilities of the current employees and the skills and abilities that the business needs to meet its business objectives in the future. As part of your assessment, you must conduct research of your selected entity and collect all the necessary information you would need in the preparation of the report.

Suggested response

Prepare a business case and develop job documentation. Conduct an in depth analysis of the company’s staffing needs. Write a business case to outline your proposal and develop documentation to support your discussions/actions. The following information must be included in your analysis and report. Write a business case:

Body of business case

  • Objective(s) of the business
  • Background of the problem
  • The problem  
  • People and Culture
  • Politics
  • Workload
  • ptions
  • Proposal
  1. Design an advertisement for the new position that could be placed in a national newspaper or job sites.
  2. Compose an e-mail to candidates to inform them that they will be interviewed by a panel.
  3. Design a selection day timetable.
  4. Identify the organisations different selection methods and show the advantages and disadvantages of each method. If the selection methods being used by the company are insufficient, provide suggestions.
  5. Design a brief reference request document.
  6. Write interview questions which would be asked by the panel when selecting a new employee for the organisation.
  7. Draft a contract with the new employee’s job description.
  8. Write an acceptance letter.