NURS2118 Therapeutic Initiatives Mental Health Paper Editing Services

NURS2118 Therapeutic Initiatives in Mental Health Nursing Assignment

NURS2118 Therapeutic Initiatives Mental Health Paper Editing Services

Course Description

This Therapeutic Initiatives in Mental Health Nursing Assignment introduces the student to further explore skill enhancement in counseling individuals and their families. Particular attention will be given to the notions of engaging the client, cultural diversity in counseling, dealing with difficult clients, conflict management, helping clients challenge themselves and counselor self-awareness

Objectives / Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, the student will be expected to be able to:

  1. Examine critically the principles and processes underpinning effective engagement with clients andgroups
  2. Review critically the importance of intercultural communication competency in the counselingsituation
  3. Apply knowledge and skills in dealing effectively with difficultclients.
  4. Apply the principles of conflict management to presented casestudies.
  5. Apply knowledge and skills of counseling in helping clients challengethemselves.
  6. Evaluate critically the effectiveness of self as a therapeutic tool when in professional practice.
  7. Evaluate critically what constitutes effective communication from the perspective of consumers and careers with reference to consumer rights, respect, anddignity

Course Content

  • Principles and processes underpinningeffective engagement with clients andgroups
  • Narrative CBT, DBT and othertherapeutics
  • Trauma InformedCare
  • Helping the client to challengeself
  • Self as an effective tool in professionalpractice

For assignment one trauma informed care (TIC).One of the key features of trauma informed care is to avoid re-traumatising the person through the practices of the service. For many people, being admitted to a mental health service places them at risk of witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event, and hence being re-traumatised. Some of these traumatising events include:

  • physical assault
  • sexual assault
  • witnessing traumatic events
  • being around frightening or violent patients
  • being secluded
  • being restrained
  • feeling medications are used as a threat or punishment
  • unwanted sexual advances
  • inadequate privacy

Conduct a review of the literature concerning TIC taking into account the following sections that need to be addressed for this paper. Develop a brief paper of 2,000 words (about 8 pages with title page, end text references and appendices excluded).

Have a title page with your name, address and student number

Use Headings

  • Introduce your paper and its objectives (Half a page)
  • Define TIC and discuss the evidence from the literature concerning TIC (Three pages) Outline effective evaluation tools (Two pages)
  • Consider one aspect of Re-traumatisation (see key points above) and consider how this could be reduced in the clinical setting (Two pages)
  • Conclude your paper (Half a page)
  • Provide references in APA 6th edition style.