NUR5204 Health Professional Education Proof Reading Services

NUR5204 Health Professional Education Assignment Brief

NUR5204 Health Professional Education Proof Reading Services

Details of task

An international trend in health professional education has seen active learning approaches to teaching and learning replacing more traditional approaches. In preparation for facilitation of active learning the teacher needs to be able to demonstrate knowledge of the theories, concepts and principles that underpin active learning. This NUR5204 health professional education assignment requires you to include the following in an academic discussion paper.

  • Describe active learning and justify this approach to your teaching setting and learner cohort. 
  • Discuss the theories of learning and teaching that best inform an active learning approach to teaching.
  • Discuss considerations that must be taken into account in order to achieve active learning engagement when planning teaching sessions in a GP setting (doctors), clinical or classroom environment (nurses and midwives).

This assessment item is the first step in your preparation for your teaching practicum. In topics 1 & 2 you will be provided with background considerations and in topics 3 & 4 you will explore the attributes of a number of learning theories necessary to inform an active learning approach. Refer to the activities within each of these topics as they will provide a foundation for this assignment task.

As part of this assessment you will:

  • Undertake a literature search to determine what education experts in health care practice advocate to achieve  excellence in teaching and learning
  • Discuss the main points using the literature to substantiate your position
  • Be concise within the 2,500 word limit.

For this assessment you will need to ensure that your responses are substantiated by the international literature. You will need to submit the assignment online through Model drop box.

Criteria for Marking

This academic assignment will be marked according to a range of criteria, including:

  • Structure and organization
    • introduction
    • discussion of terms
    • soundness of argument
    • conclusion
  • Content, including synthesis and analysis
    • selection of material and relevance
    • reference to literature
    • analysis and synthesis
    • sourcing/references
  • Presentation
    • appearance and organisation
    • expression
    • length