NIT6160 Data Warehousing Paper Editing Services

NIT6160 Data Warehousing Assignment Help

NIT6160 Data Warehousing Paper Editing Services

Data Warehousing is the computational procedure of discovering patterns from large data sets.

It discusses concepts and techniques of data warehousing.

Assignment 1

Value:This assignment has 20% value of the total assessment of this unit.

In this assignment, you need to build a data warehouse for an online brokerage company. The company makes money by charging commissions when customers buy and sell stocks.

Note:we provide this case study only for reference purpose. You’ll find the actual case study in your assignment.

Task 1 (Data Warehouse Design)

Design a data warehouse for the above mention scenario. Implement your data warehouse with SQL Developer.

Prepare a report of your data warehouse design and demonstrate your design to your tutor.

Task 2 (OLAP Queries)

Based on your design, write down the queries for the following problem:

a. How many trades were placed in July by customer “John Alan”?

b. What was the total commission earned in each quarter of 2003 on trades of IBM stock by customers with a profitability score of 4 or 5?

Challenges students may face in completing this assignment

Students may face several problems while completing this assignment like lack of programming skills, making proper references, insufficient time etc. These students can take our expert programmers’ help and guidance and complete their assignment and achieve better grades.