NIT6120 Mobile Applications Proof Reading Services

NIT6120 Mobile Applications Assignment Help

NIT6120 Mobile Applications Proof Reading Services

This assignment explains about the creation of mobile applications across different platforms and web systems for contemporary and emerging popular smartphone use. With this, students can develop their experience over different mobile applications or Android development skills.

Assessment 1

This assessment has 10% value.

This is an individual assignment and contains 25 Marks.


Students have to create a Taekwondo grading application for City West Taekwondo(CWT) Trading Centre. They will train martial arts to the students. At the end of the training, they will conduct a grading to award a qualification known as belt. There are different belts that include yellow, orange, black, blue and green. Their examinations run at different times that depend upon the level.

Mobile Applications Case study

Marking criteria

1. Grading assessment table must be presented with at least three screens (2Marks)

2. Result should be presented in a new screen with the final score. (1Mark)

3. Correct functionality for calculating the score (2 Marks)

4. Correct layout (2 Marks)

5. Correct usage of widgets (labels, buttons, etc) (2 Marks)

6. Demonstration (6 Marks)

7. Ability to retrieve student details (2 Marks)

8. Ability to update student records (1 Mark)

9. Ability to store/retrieve grading assessments (2 Marks)

10. Ability to add comments on each grading assessments (1 Mark)

11. Ability to logon for instructors properly (2 Marks)

12. Ability to store and retrieve all data (grading assessment, students and grading timetable) from database. Must use multiple relational tables. (2 Marks)

Challenges students might face

Students may face several challenges in the completion of NIT6120 Mobile Applications Assignment Help such as development of mobile applications and understanding the concept of different colors of belt. By taking our expert’s help and guidance, you can complete your assignment with high-quality. Students can explore the topic in-depth and excel their grades by taking our subject expert’s help. With OZ Assignments, get necessary academic guidance and tutorial help in NIT6120 Mobile Applications Assignment Help.Get feedback amendment without any additional cost. Our aim is to resolve students’ various academic issues so that they can live stress-free academic lives.