NIT6110 Advanced Wireless Networking Proof Reading Services

NIT6110 Advanced Wireless Networking

NIT6110 Advanced Wireless Networking Proof Reading Services

Advanced Wireless Networking builds on and extends the specialized skills and knowledge students acquired in the NMIT core unit 'Network Systems'. It classifies and examines at an advanced level key existing and developing wireless networking technologies

WLAN Design Project

You require creating a group of at most 4 students and choosing one of the case studies provided in assessment module on VU collaborates. In this project, you will study the current network of an SME and redesign it as per their needs. You are expected to get in touch with the organization, ask the related questions, and fulfill their statutory needs, like confidently and safely.

A WLAN design proposal is expected as the outcome of your project work, which includes:

1. Introduction

2. The client organization background: business background

3. Current Network capabilities at the chosen organization

1. The limitations at the chosen organization
2. The additional capabilities required by clients at the chosen organization
3. Your WLAN design as the solutions to the client requirements
4. The schedule of the proposed WLAN design project
5. Resource management and plan
6. Conclusion and limitation of your proposal

The report must include:

a. Report Writing Checklist and Cover page
b. Title page.
c. Table of contents: automatically created.
d. Executive summary.
e. Well formatted sections with meaningful headings and sub-sections, if required.
f. Diagrams and tables illustrating entities such as Network Architecture, List of devices with concise specifications.
g. Detailed specifications should be included as appendices.
h. List of Reference: In this section list all the websites and other references you have used. Provide in-text references for your sources of information.

Challenges may face by students

Students may face several problems while completing this assessment such as Insufficient time, Lack of programming skills, making a report, Making an appropriate reference list. Such students can take help and required academic guidance from our technical experts and excel their grades.