NIT1204 Web Application and Server Management Editing Services

NIT1204 Web Application and Server Management Assignment

NIT1204 Web Application and Server Management Editing Services

Assignment 1

Here, you will find important instructions and guidelines regarding your web application and server management assignment.

You are advised to read the following instructions and guidelines carefully and understand the requirements before starting this assignment.


You have to develop a website about yourself from the beginning. This website provides certain details about you. You’ll design and create your website with NetBeans using PHP, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets.

Value:total value of this assignment is 25% for this unit. Students need to complete the assignment individually.


The objective of this assignment is to build a website that will include some details about yourself like languages spoken, number of mobile phones owned etc.

This assignment also includes the creation of 3 PHP files corresponding to the three pages of your website and all are connected to an external CSS file. You will require determining how your website will be designed and then you’ll develop the pages using PHP, HTML, and CSS.

The pages and CSS file you will develop are described below:

Homepage (.php file)

This will be the home page of your website. This page will be a welcome to the website. You’ll describe to the user what the site is about. The content of the page will contain minimum two paragraphs.

You’ll contain a text field where the user will enter their name. You must ask the user for their name. Though, they will only need to type their name into that text field and click enter to continue with the application (there should be no submit button)

The word limit for this assignment is 130-150 words.

Personal details page (.php file)

Start this page with a suitable heading reflecting that this page deals with your personal details. At the top of the page, you’ll welcome the user by referring to them by the name they entered on the home page. The page will show the following details:

The town/city where you were born
The country where you were born
Languages you can speak
What sports you are interested in
What television programs you like

The above-mentioned details must be shown in a definition list. There will be one definition list for all the above details. You are required to set each definition term. You will then use the definition parts of the list to show the actual data. For example, the field in one definition term for the languages you speak could be “Language spoken” and the data linked with that field is a set of one or more languages that you speak. Change the color of the defined terms to some other color than the default color.

Ownership page (.php file)

This page demonstration your ownership of different items.

Similar to the previous page, show a heading at the top of the page followed by a welcome referring to the name they entered on the home page.

The ownership information about items will be shown in a table. There will be one table on the page to show all the below-mentioned information, where all numbers reflect totals for items owned both in the past as well as now:

a. The number of mobile phones owned
b. The number of laptop computers owned
c. The number of desktop computers owned
d. The number of tablet computers owned

Work out accurately how you’ll show the above information in this table. If you do not have any of the above items, you may invent fictitious data. For example, if you have number owned a tablet, you can state that the number of tablets is some made up number.

Cascading Style Sheet

You need to use an external CSS file for formatting used for all web pages.


All pages of the website will include the following: a heading on every page to carry what that page is about.

Make sure that you use applicable names for all files of the site. Avoid file names that show that they are about a university assignment, but instead, show what their purpose is on the site.

Also, ensure that the file contents are outlined appropriately and neatly and that all code is indented constantly and appropriately.

Important issues

Don’t contain any images on your website. Using images from other sites where permission is not approved will violate copyright associated with those images.

Marking Scheme

Home Page

a. Design and coding (1 mark)
b. Content (1 mark)
c. Text field and its associated prompt and functionality (2 marks)
d. Page viewable (i.e., actually works) in browser (2 marks)

Personal Details Page

a. Design and coding (1 mark)
b. Content (7 marks)
c. Personal details page viewable (i.e., actually works) in browser (2 marks)

Ownership Page

a. Design and coding (1 mark)
b. Content (6 marks)
c. Ownership page viewable (i.e., actually works) in browser (2 marks)


a. One external CSS applied to all pages (2 marks)


a. Heading on every page (1 mark)
b. Relevant naming of all files used in site (1 mark)
c. Layout and indentation of files (1 mark)

Note:the marks out of 30 are converted to a final mark out of 25.

Challenges students may face in completing this assignment

Students may face several problems during this assignment such as lack of programming skills, insufficient time etc. Such students can take help and academic guidance from our expert web developer and excel their academic career. We aimed to provide support for students so that they can live stress-free student lives.