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Network Security Assess Assignment Brief

Network Security Assess Editing and Proof Reading Services

This network assess assignment brief is related to assessing the network data and cloud computing security

Question 1:
Network address translation (NAT) is a method to remap one IP address space into another space by modifying network address information in Internet Protocol datagram packet headers while in transit across a traffic routing device. Please use an example to illustrate how packets are sent and received by using NAT technology and explain why NAT technology can provide a degree of security.

Question 2:
Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of on your computer's hard drive. In general terms, security controls in cloud computing are similar to the security controls in any IT environment. However, because of the operational models and technologies used to enable cloud service, cloud computing may present threats that are specific to the cloud environment.

Please explain three cloud specific security threats, together with suggested countermeasures.

Question 3:
It is well known that, the wireless network signal of a Wi-Fi network is not confined to a cable as in a traditional network but instead is broadcast through the air. Recently, public Wi-Fi hotspots can be found everywhere, such as airports, hotels and coffee shops. Users can log onto the Internet with their mobile device. Along with convenience, public Wi-Fi hotspots can also provide an easy way for some attackers, like identity thieves and cybercriminals, to attack the wireless network or the users.

Please state two kinds of attacks that may occur in public Wi-Fi networks and provide an effective way for users to address the network security issues when they access public Wi-Fi on their computer or mobile device

Question 4:
Network access control (NAC) is an umbrella term for managing access to a network. NAC authenticates users logging into the network and determines what data they can access and actions they can perform. NAC also examines the health of the user’s computer or mobile device (the endpoints).

Please explain four major access control models and briefly explain how to implement access control.

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