MNG81001 Management Communication Paper Editing Services

MNG81001 Management Communication Assignment Help

MNG81001 Management Communication Paper Editing Services

For this MNG81001 management communication assignment help, you will need to write an Executive Summary (synopsis).  Please follow these steps to complete the assessment:

  1. Read the article by Argenti, Howell, and Beck (2005) on the Blackboard site.
  2. Engage in research to find two other articles (academic journal, industry journal, website article, or a newspaper article) related to strategic communication in management. Use Google Scholar and the SCU library website to do your research.
  3. Print and read all articles and complete the attached Article Analysis Form for each of the three articles.
  4. After carefully reading the three articles, draft a two page synopsis. According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Ed, (2000), the word synopsis is defined as “A brief outline . . . a summary” using the format of an Executive Summary memo.
  5. You will need to include one quote from each article (3 in total).
  6. You will need to use APA style to document your sources within the text and in the Reference List.  If you are not familiar with APA style, you will need to learn it asap as you will use it for all assessments in this unit.
  7. Write the two page Executive Summary (12 pt Times New Roman font – single spaced).  The Reference List can be on the third page.
  8. Here is the PRIOS/CDT brief (covered in lecture and tutorials) for this assignment:
  • Purpose:  to engage in a thorough analysis of three articles and write a two page synopsis
  • Reader:   Your boss (who is keen to implement a strategic communication plan in your organisation).
  • Information:  three articles
  • Organisation:  Direct order format
  • Style: formal
  • Channel choice:  written document
  • Document design:  memo format
  • Timing/Length:  due date/two pages
  • The weighting for Assessment 1 (20%).  Please see attached Marking Guide.

Marking Guide

Overall Purpose of Document (20 points)

  1. Does this document achieve its primary purpose?
  2. Is this document informative?
  3. Has the writer adequately addressed all reader concerns?
  4. Has the writer adequately developed his/her thesis?
  5. Has the writer synthesized the relevant information in the Executive Summary?

Audience Considerations (20 points)

  1. Does this document take into account the needs of the audience?
  2. Does this document provide adequate information for the reader?
  3. Does the writer thoroughly address any potential questions from the reader?

Organizational Structure (20 points)

  1. Does the writer use a direct order approach?
  2. Is there a clear introduction, body, and conclusion?
  3. Does the introduction include a clear purpose, thesis, and preview?
  4. Are there clear organizational signposts including internal headings?
  5. Does the writer reiterate the thesis and preview in the conclusion?
  6. Does the conclusion include a polite closure?

Paragraph Level Issues (20 points)

  1. Does each paragraph start with a clear and persuasive topic sentence based on a specific criterion?
  2. Does the writer support his/her assertions with specific and relevant examples?

Sentence Level Issues (20 points)

  1. Are there grammatical or spelling errors that distract the reader and affect the writer’s credibility?
  2. Is the language used correct, concise, and precise?
  3. Is the language appropriate based on the expertise of the reader?